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I am so honored to have today’s guest on this episode. He’s a very special person in my life, one of my biggest spiritual mentors and his name is Gavin Frye. Gavin has been a licensed psychotherapist for 35 years. He works with people who are at a turning point in their lives and teaches them how to break up with old patterns that have been holding them back and transform to step into higher levels of leadership, become a better partner, and have better relationships with themselves and others.

People come to Gavin to do the work and step into challenging things they are experiencing internally and be able to sift through them to connect to their most authentic self. Gavin is here to help you connect with YOU. Today, we will talk about how to connect with our most authentic self, how to take responsibility for our inner environment, and how to create safe spaces to share with those closest to us.

  • Connecting with your extraordinary and authentic self
  • What does it mean to be your authentic self?
  • Projecting an image of ourselves instead of being our true self
  • Being transparent and present in your experiences
  • Conscious self vs. authentic self
  • False self and misrepresentation of yourself
  • Honoring and respecting different aspects of ourselves
  • Being fully honest in a relationship
  • Creating a safe space to share
  • How to receive honesty from your partner
  • How to manage being triggered by your partner’s honesty
  • Being curious and non-judgemental when someone is sharing their experience
  • Taking responsibility for your inner environment
  • Not judging ourselves for judging ourselves
  • Being in touch with your passions and gifts
  • Operating from an authentic place as an entrepreneur
  • 5:44: Can you give a background on your experience and what your work truly means to you?
  • 8:35: What does it really truly mean to be your authentic self?
  • 11:41: What are the other parts of ourselves that live inside that we need to honor and recognize?
  • 21:40: Why do you think people are afraid to speak about what’s authentic to them?
  • 26:53: How can we be honest and fully share without hurting someone?
  • 30:14: How can we be the person on the receiving end of honesty?
  • 32:14: How do we come back to ourselves when someone is sharing something we may not like?
  • 27:34: How do we not judge ourselves for getting upset when triggers come up?
  • 36:15- How are some other ways that people could be showing up that are disconnected from their authentic self?
  • 46:27- What are 3 steps to connect with your authentic self? 


  • “I’ve earned over the years that authenticity is an art, it’s a craft and its unique to each person but it is learnable. It’s like riding a bike and once you start to get the hang of it, authenticity breeds authenticity.” 
  • “The nature of being human and the nature of being divine is that we have many different aspects of ourselves, some that seemingly contradict each other. The key is giving ourselves permission for all aspects of ourselves to speak and respond with each other.” 
  • “The nature of the authentic self is compassionate.  Its safe, it’s curious, it’s not looking to be dominant. It’s not judgemental, it’s always innocent. It wants to be submerged in all aspects of our lives.” 
  • “When your partner is sharing something, the curiosity is to join them in their experience with empathy. It’s not about if you agree with them, it’s not even if you like what they are saying.” 
  • “An intimate relationship serves 2 purposes. One is the companionship and joy of being together. But two is that an intimate partnership is designed to trigger each partner’s unresolved unconscious issues. We pick partners carefully who will actually trigger us in particular ways to heal what we need to heal within ourselves. If both partners sign off on saying “we realize this, we will create a safe space, its ok if we get triggered, and we each are going to take responsibility for working with these parts inside ourselves and work with the unconscious with permission”, and that helps each partner mature and come back to the relationship with more maturity and more awareness.” 
  • “The goal isn’t to not get upset in a relationship. A relationship is successful when you’re getting triggered by your partner.” 
  • “The nature of the authentic self when you’re connected with it is actually at peace. It doesn’t need to be chasing something. You might decide to create something, but the motivation for creating is out of an overflow, not about chasing something you don’t have”. 


If you are interested in reading more about Gavin or his services, visit his website at http://gavinfrye.com/

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