Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio!

Today’s episode is so highly requested and I’m so excited to teach you guys how to pitch your program and offer on Instagram stories like a pro without being “salesy”. After this episode,  you’re going to know what to say when you’re trying to tell people about your program, how often to say it, and how to say it like a pro to make it feel easy and flowy so that people are going to start messaging you and applying to your programs.

Today I’m going to give you 2 actionable ways to pitch without being “salesy”. Write this stuff down and implement it today! This is going to be surprisingly easy and not as complicated as you thought.  I love pitching on stories and one of my favorite things is to support my clients and help them with their pitches.

In this episode, I’m also going to take a couple of people who commented on my post last week and do a pitch for them!

  • 9 Step Process to pitch on stories
  • Truly connecting with your followers
  • How to sell without being or feeling salesy
  • How to highlight pain points and problems
  • 3 different types of pain points
  • How to call your followers into ACTION
  • Teaching moments vs. pain illumination
  • Feeling empathy and compassion for your ideal client
  • How to do mini trainings on your stories
  • Myth debunking
9 STEPS- Listen for more detail on each step
  1. Connect and Call Out your ideal clients with a hook
  2. “If so, listen up” or “If so, this is for you”
  3. Tell them their problems better than they can
  4. “Trust me, I get it”
  5. “That’s exactly why I created X”
  6. Call them into ACTION
  7. Show them what can happen if they take action
  8. Avoiding Failure
  9. The transformation/ The Big Promise
  • 7:00- The 9 Step process for creating story content
  • 7:23- Step 1
  • 8:00- Step 2
  • 9:21- Step 3
  • 10:00- 3 Types of Pain Points
  • 10:45– Step 4
  • 12:00- Step 5
  • 13:50- Step 6
  • 14:00- Step 7
  • 14:23- Step 9
  • 16:40- How do I not be salesy when I am selling?
  • 21:43- How to do mini trainings


  • “You have to be excited and passionate and believe in what you’re selling. If you’re not, it’s going to feel like you’re being salesy and convincing someone to do this. No. You’re highlighting the fact that they have a problem and you have a solution.”
  • “Sit and feel what they are feeling as you’re saying the things you know they are struggling with. They’re struggling with shit and are vulnerable. If you can get into the mindset of what’s going on with them, how they are feeling, what thoughts are they having, how can I feel the feelings they might be feeling. That’s what empathy is. Create compassion for that.”


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