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I’m so excited for you guys to hear an episode like this today where we talk about something a little different but still related back to everything you do in your life and business. Today’s guest is Stef Sifandos. Stef is a relational alchemist, he’s a coach, mentor, and has programs to connect with your authentic self. He helps you awaken your true potential and learn how to live a meaningful and whole life through evolving the quality of your relationships.

This episode is extremely powerful and packed with so much value on how to attract the right kind of partners, honor your truth, seek out healthy relationships, and how to communicate effectively while you’re in a relationship with your partner.

  • Masculine vs. feminine dynamic
  • King and Queen Energy
  • Conscious leadership
  • How you wish to perceive yourself
  • How you wish to be perceived by others
  • The Power of Pause
  • Needing to be heard and validated
  • Looking for validation from others
  • Attracting the right kind of people and partners
  • What does compatibility actually mean?
  • Compromising vs. minimizing
  • Healthy vs. not healthy relationships
  • Showing up for your partner and yourself
  • Open communication
  • Co-collaborating in relationships
  • Honoring and speaking your truth
  • Supporting others how they need to be supported
  • Making the effort to lead
  • 5:30-Can you share a bit about the programs you run and what the work you do is?


  • 7:45- What can we use to describe what a queen is and what a king is as far as energy goes?
  • 9:31- What are some practical ways we can work on becoming the way we are perceived?
  • 11:56- Why is it so hard for us to separate our reactions in certain moments?
  • 14:30- What are some struggles women face in relationships with men? Let’s dive into that.
  • 18:00- How do you attract what you want to come into your life?
  • 22:17- What does co-creation mean? How can we explain healthy vs. unhealthy relationships?
  • 32:56- Can you speak about partners taking care of each other not necessarily financially but with energy?
  • 38:45- What are men hurting and struggling with right now and why?
  • 44:00- How can you go back and forth between masculine and feminine energy?
  • 47:50- What does co-collaboration mean and how can we do it so we can stay powerful and still be ourselves?
  • 54:52– Can you expand on looking for validation outside of yourself in your relationship?
  • 58:58- If people could take 3 steps to attract the relationship they are looking for what would they be?



  • “If we’re not heard, understood, validated or seen for who we want to be seen as, then we can get into this panic state so we do anything and everything we can do get back into the state of “in control” to be heard, understood, and have your perspective validated.”
  • “We think that in order to be powerful we have to be first or we have to dominate. That’s not the new paradigm. That’s  not going to work moving forward because of the level of consciousness we’re cultivating as a collective and individuals.”
  • “We’re perfect and we’re imperfect. This notion of compatibility requires work, effort, and willingness. For example, if you’ve got a successful business would you have been able to create your business without effort, focus, willingness or desire? Intimate relationships are the same.”
  • “The quality of questions we ask determines the quality of lives that we live.”
  • “There’s a fine line between compromising your values and minimizing yourself to fulfill this idea of what an intimate relationship should and could be. You’re cultivating a resentment towards others and yourself and that’s not healthy either because then you’re dimming your light.”
  • “Surround yourself with people where you can fully express yourself without being judged.”
  • “We often support people in the way we think they need it because that’s the way we need it. In reality, it may be different and different isn’t bad.”



If you want to read more about Stef Sifandos and how to live a meaningful and whole life through evolving the quality of your relationships, visit https://stefsifandos.com/ or see Stef on Instagram at @stefanossifandos

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