Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio!

Today is Christmas! This is also our last episode of 2018. HOLY SHIT where did the year go? I’m feeling so good that it’s the end of the year and I love this time of reflection on everything and being able to sit back and think about what worked, what didn’t work, what I learned, how I grew, and what things made me into the woman I am right now. If I can take a year and grow and experience more and access parts of myself I didn’t know I had then to me that’s a really good year.

I’m happy to be able to be transparent and share all of this with you and I’m so ready for 2019 and to share my intentions with you!


  • New updates in Bucci Land!
  • How I’ll be expressing myself in 2019
  • Setting boundaries
  • Saying no and listening to myself
  • My “spiritual awakening”
  • Learning about who I truly am
  • Creating space for things that serve me
  • Operating from a place of abundance and alignment
  • Tapping into my intuition and feminine side
  • Spending less time working and more time experiencing things
  • Friendships, fun, enjoyment in my personal life
  • Creating a company culture and growing my team
  • Doubling down on what works
  • Getting your programs “systematized”
  • Selling on Instagram stories
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Marketing and copywriting
  • Things that did NOT work for me in 2018
  • Making decisions based on others
  • Believing in what I’m doing and being in integrity
  • Being a CREATOR in 2019
  • What I’m leaving behind in 2019
  • 4:00- What are some new things going on in the world of Amanda Bucci?
  • 8:25- Things that worked in my personal life
  • 9:45- Ways that helped me learn about who I am
  • 12:32- Tapping into the “Flourish” part of myself
  • 17:51- Building and growing my team and our culture
  • 20:12- Our company mission statement
  • 22:00- Doubling down on what was working and getting rid of what wasn’t
  • 25:20- Selling my programs and courses on Instagram stories
  • 26:57- Financial planning and budgeting
  • 30:22- Marketing and email campaigns
  • 32:40- Things my clients said that worked really well for them
  • 35:01- What did not work for me in 2018
  • 45:00- Spending my energy on being a “marketer” instead of a creator
  • 47:00- How I allowed the customer to not be #1
  • 51:00- What things am I leaving behind in 2019?


  • “One of my biggest lessons this year has been learning how to listen to myself and say no to things that aren’t serving me and to say yes and create space for that which is serving me.”
  • Life is your greatest teacher so if you’re not living it and you’re living inside of your business the entire time you’re not going to get the lessons and the most important experiences you can ever be having if you’re constantly working and waiting to make the right amount of money to be perfect.”


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