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I’ve only seen a couple people truly embody what they teach and how they show up to the world. Today’s guest is so enthusiastic and excited about her work. She loves coaching and serving and it truly shows.  She is one of my closest friends and an incredible role model for myself and my students, clients, and everyone. Alyssa Nobriga is one of the top leaders and transformational coaches in the self development industry. She has over 16 years of experience and it truly shows in her level of mastery.

I brought her into my Mastermind this weekend and it was incredible to watch. Not only is she a licensed psychotherapist,  but she also has a background in couples therapy and spiritual psychology. Her level of mastery in consciousness and transformational healing is expert level. She is truly the 1% of the 1% who fit the bill and I’ve seen it first hand.

Let’s dive in….

  • Blocks and why people get stuck
  • How we are conditioned to repeat certain patterns
  • Limiting assumptions about ourselves
  • Common blocks we experience
  • How to move past blocks
  • The inner self critic and competing intentions
  • Being compassionate with yourself
  • Being in a state of allowing vs. avoiding or indulging
  • Behavior vs. who you actually are
  • Questioning your own patterns
  • Thinking through problems vs. feeling through problems
  • Not trying to “fix” yourself
  • Learning how to meet yourself deeply
  • Steps you can take to work through a feeling
  • Feeling accepted, acknowledged, and seen
  • Letting go of relationships or things that aren’t working for you
  • Choosing to participate in certain dynamics
  • Acknowledging your part in a dynamic
  • Empowering your partners instead of “coaching” them
  • Forgiving judgments we place on ourselves and others
  • Powerful ways to create change
  • 2:23: Would you mind giving us some information on your background personally and professionally?
  • 4:18: What are blocks and why do people get stuck in their lives and business? What is it about us that creates that point of feeling like we can’t or should raise my prices or the way I’m delivering my program?
  • 7:58: How can we move through blocks we experience?
  • 15:58: Can you talk about your ego and identity vs who you actually are?
  • 19:12: What can it mean to take away all of these things and now there’s a point of relearning who we truly are?
  • 20:23: What is the difference between thinking and feeling when you have a problem?
  • 21:31: Why is it so hard for people to feel their feelings instead of overthinking them?
  • 23:06: What steps can we do today or tomorrow to start working through some of these things and doing the work?
  • 27:34: Do you have experience doing these steps?
  • 36:00: How can we stop coaching our partners or significant others?
  • 41:45: Can we dive into forgiveness and what does it really look like to forgive ourselves?
  • 47:00: How can coaches get started in this kind of work to help their clients?


  • “The ego thinks that what is familiar is safe, even if its not. So it will retract situations it’s had in the past as an unconscious way to create safety. But staying small or repeating the past clearly isn’t necessarily about safety. It’s about being courageous enough to test the assumptions we bought into and not only experience greater freedom but putting it into action to find out what’s really true for you”
  • “There’s a difference between indulging a feeling and avoiding it, and you really just want to be in a state of allowing.”
  • “Commit to doing the work because it enhances your life and everyone’s life around you”
  • “The more we grow as leaders, the more people are going to projet their light and shadow over us.”


To learn more or work with Alyssa Nobriga, visit www.alyssanobriga.com or find her on Instagram @alyssanobriga

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