Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio!

I’m so pumped about this episode today. Our guest is absolutely incredible, hysterical, intelligent, a mom and beauty queen. The topic of Human Design has been impactful in my life this past year especially, and Paige Filliater is an expert at this.

Paige works with entrepreneurs to help them integrate human design into their life and business to make everything work the way it’s supposed to so you can better understand yourself to operate in your highest frequency.

Let’s talk more about what this really means….

  • Being in alignment in your life and business
  • What is Energetic Strategy
  • What is Human Design
  • Feeding our differentiation
  • How do we interpret our human design
  • Figuring out who you “be” so you know what to “do”
  • The meaning of auras and energy
  • How energy flows without resistance
  • The 5 types of Human Design and what they mean
  • Expressing yourself and operating from your highest frequency
  • What are the centers of Human Design and what do they mean
  • Examples of different Human Design types
  • 1:11- Can you tell us your history and how you got to what you’re doing now?
  • 11:00- When you get your design, what are you seeing and what do the results mean?
  • 16:15- What are the different types and what do they mean?
  • 17:00- What is a generator, manifestor, and manifesting generator?
  • 24:00- What is the projector type?
  • 35:00- What is a reflector type?
  • 37:00- Can you talk about closed and open centers of the body?
  • 41:31- What are some interesting funny or relatable stories of where you’ve seen Human Design really working it’s magic?


  • “Everything is energy, including our bodies. Every organ is energy. All of the things that we are create this aura around us. You’re going to feel me before I even speak to you. Our auras have their own way of moving through the world with the least amount of resistance.”

  • “Our bodies are Ikea furniture and human design are the directions on how to build the furniture. You’re going to get that piece of furniture built no matter what. It’s eventually going to fit but you could just read the directions and get it done correctly.”

  • “Human design is immoral it’s not wrong or right it just is. It’s all about understanding who you are so you can choose to express yourself in a higher frequency. Every part of you has a low expression and high expression. The higher the frequency the higher the thoughts. Most of us are operating at a lower frequency because that’s what we’ve been around.”


To get your Human Design chart go to https://www.jovianarchive.com/Get_Your_Chart

To learn more about Paige Filliater, visit her website at http://www.thepaigefilliater.com/ and find her on Instagram at @paigefilliater

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