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We have had so many boss babes on the podcast recently. Today’s guest is someone i’ve personally admired for a very long time. I heard about her from my friend Lori Harder and I thought “I can’t wait to interview her one day.” For those of you who don’t know, Christine Hassler is a master coach, speaker, author, and podcast host, and I really admire her work.

She’s masterful in the way she can facilitate through her experiences and knowledge and wisdom and see the bird’s eye view to help people tap in and discover what is holding them back from living the life they truly want.

Let’s dive in….

  • Beliefs that we are not enough and unlovable
  • How experiences in childhood affect how we are
  • Compensatory Strategies
  • Avoidance traps
  • Why generations are no longer living a cookie cutter life
  • Expectation Hangovers
  • Opening doorways to change
  • Using spirituality to shift your mindset
  • Honoring feelings and not bypassing them
  • Key Lessons we are here to learn in our lifetime
  • Forgiveness vs. Condoning
  • How hurt becomes a scapegoat
  • Trying to change people
  • Expiration dates for relationships and friendships
  • “Journeymate” relationships
  • Staying in the feminine energy without the feeling “weak”
  • How anger can wake us up
  • Connecting and listening to your body
  • 6:03- Can you tell me about your background and why you do what you do?
  • 18:07- Why do people come to you and what do they need help with?
  • 24:30- How can we recognize and become aware of the experiences we are creating for ourselves?
  • 31:47- For those who are experiencing an awakening and are in a relationship where someone is not on the same trajectory is them, what can they do?
  • 37:53- In retrospect, could you say the things that happened to you served a purpose or were you just making wrong decisions?
  • 44:00- As women, can we talk about listening to our body and how to do that to avoid burnout?
  • 54:00- What other things should women listen to and pay attention to?
  • 57:00- If you were to leave our listeners with one piece of advice, what would it be?


  • “Things happen in our childhood that reinforce this bs belief that we are not enough that we don’t belong in some way or are broken and unlovable. We all have our different triggering events for that belief and part of the human experience is evolving out of that belief and remembering we are enough and worthy.”
  • “People talk so much about what they want to do but they spend more time and energy avoiding what they don’t want.”
  • “Any disappointment we have in our adult life is a trigger back to a disappointment we had in our childhood or young adult life. Even if it’s not the exact same scenario it’s bringing up a feeling of something we didn’t have the tools to process and formed a belief system about.”
  • “We want the person that hurts us to be the person that heals us”


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