Welcome to this solo episode of Bucci Radio!

I’m getting such good feedback from my past few episodes. These women and people I’ve been bringing on the podcast and the conversations we are having are about the deeper truth and meaning behind why we aren’t creating success and why we don’t have the results we want yet are so important.  Understanding your femininity, emotions, and conditioning of what you’ve created for yourself that’s limiting you is key. Knowing what to do and executing on it and having that masculine energy and discipline towards your goals and the tactical things are important too. You need both of things and this podcast is here to represent what both of those things are.

I know you are all having the same shift of consciousness as me. A lot of you know I’m going to spiritual psychology school next week, I’m so excited about it. Christine went to it, Alyssa went to it, my best friend Ashley Stahl went to it, my therapist went to it, my previous business manager Selina went to it.  All people I look up to and admire. I’m excited to keep expanding on that because I feel like that’s what’s truly important here. I’m going to continue to talk about business strategy and social media and getting results and money you deserve, but there’s also going to be a focus on the deeper meaning and personal development that’s truly necessary for entrepreneurs and creators to turn into leaders.

So, let’s dive in…

  • Some new updates in Bucci World (a new program and course!)
  • Sales hacks for online coaches
  • Abundance mindset
  • Spirituality and Science
  • Your thoughts creating your reality
  • Thoughts putting you into action
  • Decision-making phases of your potential client
  • Why your content is always selling
  • Gauging the total time a potential client spends with you per day
  • Why consistency and frequency are key
  • The unapologetic desire for money
  • Equal energy exchange- money, time, and energy
  • Clear messaging vs. clever messaging
  • Speaking directly to your client like a conversation
  • Staying interested and curious vs. focusing on the outcome
  • Social and Emotional Awareness
  • 5:00- A new program I’m launching!
  • 6:00- A fun new Instagram course update I’m working on
  • 7:00- Having an abundance mindset
  • 13:42- Why you’re not being annoying when you talk about your coaching
  • 18:30- Money as an energy exchange
  • 24:00- Speaking to your client like they are directly in front of you
  • 27:00- Stop making assumptions about your client
  • 28:00- Asking for the like, comment, share or sale
  • 29:50- Don’t be afraid of no


  • “Sales is a practice and a way of being. Sales and selling is not just because you want to make more money. If you truly believe your service is going to change someone’s life, pitching will be easy.
  • “Money is energy because you had to work to get it. Time is energy because you can’t get back time. Energy is energy because it requires effort. So if we exchange money for someone’s time, the time they spent mastering their craft and time they spend with you, ideally, things are in equal energy exchange. Things feel off if it doesn’t feel equal.
  • “The more clear you can be the higher the perception of value is when you’re sharing about your program or offer. You need to be able to explain what the result is that you are offering.”
  • “Expect no and don’t be afraid of it. You’re going to get a lot of nos. People are just curious and sometimes it’s not a good fit for them and maybe it’s not a good fit for you. No is very common and when you hear no, it’s not always no. No is usually when it’s time for you to dig a little bit deeper.


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