Welcome to this solo episode of Bucci Radio!

Today’s special guest is Rachel Luna and you guys might know her on Instagram @girlconfident. I’m so excited to have her as a guest today. She’s going to bring completely different energy on the podcast than we’ve ever had.

Rachel is a sales, confidence, business strategist coach. She’s also a mom and a woman of faith. She has pink hair and the polarity of her is amazing. I love what she does and what she stands for, it’s the energy I want to bring. We’re going to do some real talk with you guys today. There are so many things that are actually true as entrepreneurs but we are too scared to say and we’re going to dive into those things and be brutally fucking honest with you.

Bucci Radio

Rachel Luna and Bucci Radio with Amanda Bucci

  • Things no one wants to talk about as an entrepreneur
  • Being committed to the outcome
  • Allowing yourself the freedom to feel what you’re feeling
  • Being okay with offending people
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Your intent vs. what others make it mean to them
  • Where we’ve been or been through vs. where we are going
  • Holding on to our victim stories
  • What people are doing to hold them back and play small
  • How to know when someone is not coachable
  • Client emotional attachment to a financial investment
  • “Hail Mary Pass” clients
  • Coaches trying to be the hero
  • Being the product of your product
  • Taking radical responsibility
  • “Experts” are not exempt from inner work
  • How to gain more confidence in yourself and your work
  • 3:47- Let’s forget the backstory right now, what are you about?
  • 11:11- Can you speak about facilitating and the drama triangle?
  • 14:25- Let’s talk about some experiences potential coaches may be experiencing and what are you noticing that people are doing that is creating playing small energy?
  • 18:00- What kind of behavior do you call your clients out for?
  • 44:35- How can you become more confident?
  • 46:37- What are 2-3 sentences you can let land with our audience or an action tip?


  • “It’s not that im 100% confident in everything I do. It’s that even though I’m scared, even though i feel insecure, I’m so much more committed to the outcome and the process and the journey. I’m so committed to the message in the moment. I’m so committed to helping someone have the growth that i don’t care if i am offending you, if I look like a fool, or if there is a negative consequence to follow my words because my intent is in the right place.”
  • “What is my intent behind what I’m saying and what are you making it mean to you?”
  • “No one can make you feel shame or guilt. You take that on. We’re so engrained to hold onto our victim stories because for a while, the victim story served us.”
  • “You have to know how to take the L if you really care about your client’s growth.”
  • “I believe you can have everything in the buffet in increments. You can have it all. But having it all means you’ll need to make some difficult choices in your life.”


For those who want more of this from Rachel you can either work with her, join her program or go to her event Confidence Activated at confidenceactivated.com code: AMANDA for 20% off or you can subscribe to Rachel’s podcast Girl Confident or follow Rachel on Instagram @girlconfident.

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