Welcome to this solo episode of Bucci Radio!

This episode is all about massive resistance. If you’ve read my Instagram posts or emails lately you’ve already heard of this and I really wanted to dig in because it feels very relevant. I got a ton of messages from you all letting me know you’re experiencing this and I wanted to dig into this in a podcast because I had a lot to say in response.

I almost didn’t press record today because I felt resistance to recording an episode. Sometimes it’s hard to show up. This is what resistance is, that feeling that makes us want to stop.

But I decided to show up so let’s dive in…

  • What is massive resistance
  • How do we reach a point of massive resistance
  • Examples of massive resistance
  • Small and big ways resistance can come up for us
  • How to sit with your feelings and work through resistance
  • Coming up with excuses and upper limits to avoid doing things
  • Painful awareness
  • Repercussions of avoiding
  • Things that help me get through resistance
  • Our thoughts vs. who we are
  • Identifying and separating our thoughts and emotions
  • Showing up powerfully to your commitments
  • Using positive affirmations and actions
  • Showing up when you don’t want to
  • Investing and putting yourself on the hook
  • 2:12: What is massive resistance and the first time I heard about massive resistance
  • 4:00: Some examples of how massive resistance can show up for us
  • 7:34: How upleveling myself and my business brought up resistance for me
  • 10:00: How “painful awareness” can bring up resistance
  • 13:40: What helps me get through my own massive resistance
  • 14:00: What are some repercussions of avoiding doing the work to get through massive resistance?
  • 18:50: How to identify and separate your emotions
  • 22:35: How to use positive affirmations
  • 24:50: How investing and putting yourself on the hook forces you to get through massive resistance


  • “Massive resistance comes up for us for things we know we need to do. The things we know we need to do are typically the most difficult. They require the most work. They require us to show up. They require us to sit with our shit.”
  • “The bigger the thing you’re building and the bigger the mission you have, sometimes the deeper and scarier things can get because there is so much on the hook. If I’m not leveling up and able to get through my resistance, everyone is aware and my energy seeps through.”
  • “You are not your thoughts. Your thoughts and the things that run through your head are not actually who you are. Noticing that is such a gift. When we can have some separation from our thoughts we can recognize our thoughts are separate so who really am I? I am a divine being, a spirit, a sole, I am loving at the core of who I truly am, I am my highest self.
  • “Every single one of our emotions and thoughts is here to teach us something or tell us something.”


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