Welcome to episode 169 of Bucci Radio!

Get ready to learn, my friends. This episode is full of tips, lessons, revelations, and especially reframes. We’ve got a deep-diving conversation into writing, branding, and thinking long-term in terms of business and content, and I promise you, it’ll change the way you look at the written word.

I’m joined on this episode by John Romaniello: bestselling author, branding expert, business consultant, and writing mentor. As the founder of one of the original (and most successful) personality-driven fitness brands–Roman Fitness SystemsJohn is something of a pioneer in the fitness realm, having been one of the first people to offer online fitness coaching.

Early in our discussion, he reveals why cultivating brand “feel” through writing was such a focus for him as far back as 2008, and how this allowed him to build a coaching business that at its peak had around 180 monthly clients. (At the industry standard rate of $300/mo, that’s $54k per month, just from his coaching business.

Deeper into the episode, we discuss the concept of personal branding from a leverageable perspective; something John credits as one of the primary contributors to the success of his first book, Engineering the Alpha, which was acquired as part of a highly-discussed 7-figure deal, and went on to debut at #4 on the New York Times bestseller list.

He’s also my partnerbut that’s not part of the episode! Instead, we cover just about everything else at which he’s an expert. In this episode, John shares some incredible insight into why your writing has long term value, why writing is still the most important aspect of your business, and how you can work on becoming a better writer.


  • The beginnings of the online fitness industry and community
  • Writing and content in the fitness industry
  • Tips for getting your work published
  • How to become a better writer and storyteller
  • What makes certain writing great
  • Finding your own voice as a writer
  • Why writing is still the most important factor in your business
  • Why using Instagram only for content can be risky and biased
  • Assumptions that newer content is “better”
  • The importance of having a website you can control
  • Why writing has long term value
  • Ways you can focus on bettering your writing
  • Assessing your weaknesses as a writer
  • How great writing contributes to how others perceive you
  • Wording, language, commas, and syntax
  • Why people get writer’s block
  • Tips for getting over writer’s block
  • Removing opportunity and helping those with depression
  • Vulnerability vs. exposure
  • Serving others and sharing your truth through writing
  • 2:50- How John got started in the online fitness industry and community
  • 5:05- How John got started in writing and how a focus of writing differentiated him from others in the fitness community
  • 10:30- How did you progress in your writing and storytelling from your first article to where you are now?
  • 18:15- How can someone join your writing workshops?
  • 20:00- Why is writing still the most important aspect of your business?
  • 27:00- Considering the hours per week you spend writing captions on Instagram and the Instagram algorithm
  • 32:00- What are some low stakes ways people can start focusing on bettering their writing?
  • 37:00- How your writing contributes to how others think and perceive you
  • 42:00- How do wording and language fall into how others perceive and relate to you?
  • 47:42- What are some reasons why people get writer’s block and what are some tips to get past it?
  • 1:00- How we can help those with depression by removing opportunity
  • 1:04- Vulnerability vs. exposure when putting a piece of writing out there
  • 1:07- A request from John on sharing your message


  • “Before I was anything else, I was a writer. For me, nothing feels real or important unless I’ve written about it. Analyzing is the only way I can really experience.”
  • “One of the best ways to become a better writer is to read constantly. We know great writing when we read it, when we hear it. There’s something about it that speaks to us. In the same way, we look at something that’s beautiful and we know the word to describe it. Writing is the same.”
  • “Instagram rewards you for recency. The culture of Instagram is such that anything old is pushed so far down it seems like someone is stalking if they scroll far enough and interact with it. We become biased against our old content. It feels weird; that’s an issue. If you’re creating great content on Instagram, you have to be aware that it’s only through recency that someone’s going to see it and get value out of it—unless you’re also writing. If you have really well-written Instagram captions, you can take those and turn them into articles or emails. You can put them in a places that reward you for the quality of your writing. Well-written, informative, meaningful content brings people to your site. It’s crazy that in 2019 people think websites don’t matter. You can run your business on Instagram right now until the next thing comes around.”
  • “Great writing is good writing without the noise. The single biggest thing you can do to become a better writer is edit. This is something with which people struggle. They want to exist in the hustle/grind mentality as entrepreneurs: very much ready, fire, aim. Editing is the easiest way to make your writing better and create the habit of better, consistent writing.”
  • “Nobody looks at great writing and hates it.”
  • “Finding a way to say the exact right thing at the exact right way makes people feel inherently attracted and bound to you. It makes things a lot easier in terms of selling. People want to give their money to smart people. The smarter you seem, the more likely you are to help people.”
  • “We have a tendency to judge everything we’re going to create before we even create it. It’s okay to be ugly. The worst thing you write is better than the best thing you don’t write. You can’t edit a blank page.”


To read more about John Romaniello, follow him on Instagram @johnromaniello, or visit his site to learn about his writing workshops at: https://www.Johnromaniello.com/intensive

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