Welcome to this solo episode of Bucci Radio!


Today I’m digging deep into human behavior. I’m constantly learning how to facilitate coaching experiences in a more powerful way and share more content that’s in alignment with that kind of methodology.

In this episode, I’m sharing the 5 Realms of Consciousness and how they relate to business. Something I value and believe to be the key to success is integrating relational intelligence into our work and understanding how humans work. Understanding how connection and conversation really happens is one of the foundational tools to grow your business. Why? Because we are working with people, and the faster we can connect to them, the deeper we can connect to them, and the easier it is for our business to work and for us to get clients.

So let’s dive in…

Amanda Bucci Psychology



  • The 5 Realms of Consciousness
  • How realms of consciousness relate to our business
  • Attraction, connection, and audience expansion
  • Standards of “beauty” on social media
  • Sharing parts of your life and experiences
  • Amount of thoughts we have in a day
  • Conditioning to respond negatively about ourselves
  • Thoughts as precursors to emotions
  • Not spending enough time in your Emotional Realm
  • Stifling our emotions
  • Tapping into the vulnerability and emotions of our clients
  • Converting surface level audiences into fans and clients
  • Understanding our unconscious patterns
  • Turning unconscious patterns to conscious ones
  • Connecting consciously to your higher self
  • Ways to access your spiritual realm
  • Disconnecting and just “being”
  • 9:28- The Physical Realm
  • 17:45- The Mental Realm
  • 22:00- The Emotional Realm
  • 31:00- The Unconscious Realm
  • 38:50- The Spiritual Realm


  • “We’re in a society where we are expected to think that we suck. Most people will respond negatively when given a comment. We are conditioned to believe that’s how we should normally think and respond.”

  • “If can’t meet clients in their vulnerability it is going to be hard for them to sign up and say yes. People don’t buy information because they need information, they buy emotionally because they don’t want to be uncomfortable anymore. If we don’t tap into the emotional experience that our client is having, it’s going to minimize the chances of converting them to a client and actually working with them.”

  • “When you can share the emotional experience your client is having, which is probably one you’ve already felt before, you’re going to connect with them on an even deeper level. This is what crosses a surface level audience member into a loyal raving fan that’s going to follow your content forever, or into a client.”


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