Welcome to this solo episode of Bucci Radio!


So many of us avoid hard conversations because it seems too hard or we don’t want to deal with the potential consequences of saying the hard thing. If you’ve ever struggled to have or start a difficult conversation in a friendship, relationship, or work environment, this episode is for you.

In this episode, I give some insight on why we avoid having hard conversations, the consequences of avoiding hard conversations, and tips on my secret sauce on ways to have difficult conversations with compassion and candor.



  • Why we avoid hard conversations
  • Emotions creating energy
  • Consequences of trapping your emotions
  • How to have more honest conversations
  • How to understand and handle hard conversations
  • Our emotional reactions are our own
  • Emotional triggers and reactions
  • Shifting blame and anger
  • Creating safety for others
  • Working through emotional upset
  • Subconsciously manipulating and sabotaging
  • People pleasing
  • Holding and deploying compassion
  • Perception checking
  • Acknowledging and seeing someone
  • 13:45- One way to not have a hard conversation by coming from a place of anger and blame
  • 19:42- A second way to not have a hard conversation by subconsciously manipulating the experience
  • 21:42- All about people pleasing
  • 24:10- The secret sauce to having hard conversations: Compassion
  • 33:00- The secret sauce to having hard conversations: Candor
  • 36:00- How to create a safe space for others
  • 39:00- How to create a safe space within yourself


  • “I like to think that at the end of the day if you are sharing something that feels really true for you, it’s only going to benefit the other person by sharing it.”
  • “When we don’t have hard conversations we end up lying. If we aren’t sharing our truth, we’re automatically sharing a lie.
  • “We’re all doing the best we can. If someones best isn’t working for you or creating emotional upset for you, understand that it’s triggering something in yourself that needs to be resolved and healed.”
  • “To some extent, we will manipulate scenarios to get what we want without having to have a hard conversation.”
  • “Remind yourself you are not responsible for someone else’s emotions even if it feels that way. Everyone has a different perception of the world. Remind yourself that your stuff is your stuff, and there is safety to receive whatever someone else’s honesty is and everything is going to be okay.” 


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