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If you’ve been looking for strategies on how to connect deeper with your community, serve your clients and audience, separate yourself from others in your industry, and stay in integrity with what you say you’re going to do- this episode is for you.

Today’s guest is Jason Goldberg. Jason is one of my very best friends and a speaker, author, and  business coach. Words that make me think of Jason are laughter, inspiration, speaking, storytelling, humility, enthusiasm, and transformation. Today we are going to be chatting about how to create a competition proof business and how to separate yourself in your industry.

Jason Goldberg Amanda Bucci



  • Not having control over the way our mind works
  • Having radical personal responsibility
  • Losing “weight”
  • Recognizing your thoughts are neutral
  • Ways you can deepen within your community
  • What makes a competition proof business
  • What makes an “Oh so do I” business
  • Why we are all in the “PR” business
  • HAF- Hang out Factor
  • How to build a community that loves you for you
  • Different ways to show up authentically
  • Offering service and transformation to others
  • Authenticity with the wrong purpose
  • Why you don’t need a sensational story
  • Sensational vs. relational stories
  • Getting into action and using momentum
  • Staying in integrity with what you say you’re here to do
  • Pulling lessons from your day to create stories
  • How to be insightful for your audience
  • Examining and priming yourself to create content
  • 2:33- How did you get started as a coach and a speaker?
  • 9:20- What are some things people can do to lose emotional weight?
  • 12:27- What is a competition proof business and why is connecting with your audience so important?
  • 24:00- How can you build a tribe and community that loves you for you?
  • 27:00- How can you become the only person your client wants to work with?
  • 32:00- What are some things you see people attaching to that are hindering their client’s  transformation?
  • 41:00- How can we stay in integrity for what we are doing?
  • 43:00- What tips do you have to stay in integrity and motivate yourself?
  • 47:00- What are some things that are non negotiables for storytelling?
  • 1:00- How can we differentiate ourselves and examine ourselves for content?
  • 1:02- If you had to leave our listeners with something to remember, what would it be?


  • “I was allowing my mind to be an asshole instead of an asset.”
  • “No matter who you are, you’re overweight. It may not be physical weight but it may its emotional weight, weight in your relationship, weight in your finances, weight in the quality of your life because of the choices that you’re making.”
  • “Maybe if we stopped attaching to and entertaining and taking as fact or direction every thought that pops into our head we wouldn’t have to do so much work to overcome it.”
  • “Instead of focusing on what I want to be known for, I started focusing on what I want to activate in other people. What is the thing i want them to feel when they leave an interaction with me? What is something that is dormant in their life that they don’t have access to anymore?”
  • “My definition of authenticity is “what’s left over when we stop trying to manage people’s impressions. When im not trying to manage the way you see me, that’s authenticity”.
  • “People just want something helpful. They don’t care if it’s polished. People don’t relate to sensational stories. They relate to relatable stories.
  • “Anything we think is a disadvantage is actually a differentiator.”


The best place to find Jason is at www.becompetitionproof.com and his free Facebook group called “Going Behind the Scenes on Building a Competition Proof Business” and on Instagram @thejasongoldberg.

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