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If you’ve had questions on how to keep more of your money, handle your finances, make smart financial investments, pay off your debt, or curb your spending habits that are wrong or off, this episode is for you. We love to talk about how to make more money and get more sales, but you can be a millionaire and still be broke. Your actual revenue number doesn’t mean shit if you don’t know how to keep it.

Today’s guest is Chloe Eliise, @deeper.than.money on Instagram. No one is really teaching what Chloe is teaching.  Chloe talks about how to keep our money rather than just make more of it. In this episode we are going to talk about how to keep what we make, how to pay off debt, how to find more money inside of what we already have and how to build true wealth

Chloe Elise Bucci Radio

Chloe Elise @deeper.than.money



  • How we are raised to think about money
  • Working but always feeling broke
  • Victim stories about finances
  • Lack mindset and abundance mindset
  • Money mindset vs. tactical strategies
  • Personal and Business bank accounts
  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Mistakes millennials make when managing money
  • Prioritizing your money goals
  • Tips for handling money objections
  • Knowing exactly what you are spending your money on
  • Ways we let money slip through the cracks
  • Tangible tips to start paying off debt
  • Ways to negotiate your debt
  • Why you should be negotiating everything
  • Tips for “finding” more money
  • Prioritizing paying yourself
  • Investments, planning for retirement, 401k
  • Getting a financial adviser that feels like your partner
  • 2:00- Tell us how you got started and learned how to manage your money and do this for yourself?
  • 12:00- What should people be doing tactically with their bank account?
  • 16:00- Where do you see most of your client’s money going?
  • 20:00- How can people start to pay off their student loan debt or debt in general?
  • 27:00- How can someone tackle their credit card debt?
  • 29:00- What are some ways you can negotiate your debt?
  • 35:00- How can we start creating and finding more money?
  • 40:00- Talk to us about investing, saving for retirement, and 401ks
  • 45:00- A special offer from Chloe 🙂


  • “If you don’t know where money is seeping out of your account, how can you be afraid of investing in yourself?”
  • “If you don’t care about where your dollars are going, you’re not telling the universe you are ready for more money.”
  • “I’m not anti debt or anti spending, I am anti any transaction that doesn’t serve your highest alignment.”
  • “No matter what your debt is, you’re not in too deep of a place to have financial freedom. You’re not too far gone or hopeless. You can be a broke millionaire. I have clients living paycheck to paycheck who are making 30k and 180k.”
  • “Negotiate everything. Negotiating can be mutually beneficial. The worst someone can say is no.”
  • “You have to get a strong financial base before investing in yourself. You don’t need a financial advisor until you yourself are at a good stable place and are thriving.”
  • “Life will throw you curveballs. Going through hard shit is hard enough on its own. Going through hard shit and having money stress on top of it is horrible. One of the best things you can do is set yourself to have security for whatever shit happens.”


You can find Chloe’s program the Wealth Accelerator by clicking on the link in her Instagram bio @deeper.than.money

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