Welcome to this Solo episode of Bucci Radio!


Sometimes you just need a break. Today’s episode is my story of what happened when I took 2 weeks off of posting on social media. This really had nothing to do with just taking a social media detox. It had everything to do with where I am in my life and what I needed to do to have this upgrade into my next chapter.

I love sharing what’s going on in my life so I can then share my biggest lessons and takeaways. I hope that at some point in this story you can connect to where you’re at and adopt some of this process into your own life.


Amanda Bucci Spiritual Upgrade Bucci Radio

Amanda Bucci Spiritual Upgrade



  • My journey and experiences since 2014
  • Pivoting from fitness to business
  • Understanding what you’re called to do
  • Experiencing your OWN process
  • Changing, shifting, and self-honoring
  • Patterns that encouraged me to take this break
  • Being out of alignment
  • Signals and physical symptoms
  • Tapping in observing your thoughts
  • Reframing a “break” to a divine sacred pause
  • Getting past the resistance of taking a break
  • Trusting in myself and my team to take a break
  • Everything happening for a purpose
  • Clarity, ideas, and creativity flowing
  • The goal line vs. the soul line
  • Getting clarity on my next chapter
  • My soul’s divine purpose
  • 5:35- What was happening in my life to begin this break from social media
  • 14:00- What I was noticing and observing in myself and my mind
  • 17:00- Getting past the resistance of taking a break
  • 21:00- Coming out on the other side and working through it
  • 23:00- The goal line vs. the soul line
  • 25:00- Getting clarity on my next chapter and what I want to be teaching
  • 28:00- The big lesson I learned in this entire experience


  • “If you feel called to do something, it might be that you need a learning lesson, it might be that it’s actually what you’re called to do, and sometimes it might just be for you to try it and get really fucking clear that that’s NOT what you’re called to do.”
  • “Everyone has their own process and everyone gets the dignity to honor their own process.”
  • “I know change is scary for a lot of us but we live in a world where we are dynamic beings and change is inevitable”


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