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What is the true root cause behind all of our struggles with entrepreneurship? Most of us are interested in achieving goals and fulfilling our potential. We can talk in circles about business tactics and strategies, but I don’t want to skip over the other important part of entrepreneurship.

This is the part where we get in a state where we feel like we can’t do something or are feeling resistance aka emotional upset. In today’s episode, we discuss what emotional trauma and emotional upset is and strategies to access your power and overcome it.


Amanda Bucci on Bucci Radio



  • The struggles of entrepreneurship
  • Our perception of negative and positive
  • Emotional trauma
  • Believing the thoughts we are having
  • Perpetuating patterns
  • Stories we tell ourselves that stop us from moving forward
  • Traumatic events I have experienced in my entrepreneurial journey
  • Perception vs. the truth
  • Fight or flight/ survival mechanisms
  • How you relate to an issue or experience
  • Releasing self judgement
  • Not being ashamed of having “stuff”
  • Steps for dealing with emotional upset
  • Letting yourself be vulnerable
  • Feeling internal safety
  • Showing up for yourself
  • How to recognize emotional upset
  • Creating solutions to work through your “stuff”
  • 3:17- What is emotional trauma?
  • 5:45- Traumatic events I’ve experienced in my entrepreneurial journey
  • 9:30- What’s happening in your body when emotions come up?
  • 12:00- Examples of stories I tell myself
  • 18:00- Steps to deal with emotional upset
  • 29:00- How to be vulnerable and feel internally safe


  • We perpetuate patterns A pattern will come up again and again until we can be aware that it’s its there, how it’s working, and understand how its blocking us and preventing us from getting what we really truly need.

  • Our brains duty is to protect you. Its job is to ensure you never have the same threatening experience again. An emotional trauma is something the brain takes as a threatening experience.

  • Nothing outside of you causes your emotional experience. How you relate to the issue is the issue.

  • True safety is not being thrown when you’re emotionally exposed. No one can give you safety except for you. You are the only one that can make you feel sale. Someone else’s love and protection is not going to keep you safe. You never know what’s going to happen You can’t really trust much except for our own internal experience where you can truly feel the embodiment of safety.


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