Welcome to this solo episode of Bucci Radio!

Have you ever felt like you needed to be a professional level expert to start sharing? Do you feel like all the ideas have already been taken and you have nothing original to say?

Today’s episode is about copying and plagiarizing. Most people would say that copying and plagiarizing is wrong. Don’t try to be a carbon copy. But most people that have built an audience have also learned from somebody else. There is a lot of shame in feeling like you’re not an expert yet for people who are new and getting started on social media. Getting vulnerable an inserting yourself into an industry where there are a zillion other coaches out there is hard. But wherever you are in your journey, you are going to be able to attract people you can help based on your level of learning, experience, and mastery




  • Where we get inspiration for our ideas
  • The Consumption Craze Phase
  • Why absorbing content isn’t bad
  • Being okay with being a student
  • Recycling messages in our own unique way
  • Making an idea or message your own
  • When you should credit someone for teaching you
  • Staying in integrity with your content
  • Steps to creating your own unique content
  • Intention to learn vs. to passively consume
  • Not waiting to be an expert to share
  • The 3 levels of experience
  • 3:00- Learning and recycling messages
  • 6:00- Releasing judgement and shame for being similar to someone else
  • 8:15- First step to creating your own unique content
  • 10:41- Step two to creating your own unique content
  • 17:00- The 3 levels of experience
  • 19:50- Crediting the mentors I have learned from


  • We’re all recycling each other’s messages, but it’s the way we make them different that takes a little bit of time. We say the same thing, but share them from our own point of view and tell a story about our own lives. We can be okay with being the student and saying we are okay with being a student.
  • Wherever you are in your journey, you are going to attract people you can help based on your level of learning, experience, and mastery. You don’t have to be professor level expert to start sharing. If you want to go that far you can but don’t try to force the professional level stuff. Honor your journey and the fact that you’re new to something and let that be okay to share.
  • It’s a lot harder to find an idea and make it your own than to let it be yours in the first place. Have the fucking experiences. We learn through experiences. We get to have that knowledge and wisdom be ours when we actually have the experience that teaches us.
  • Experiential knowledge is everything. I didn’t learn how to build a business because I read about it. 


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