Welcome to this solo episode of Bucci Radio!

Understanding our whole experience and the connection between the body and mind and aspects of ourselves is something every single human on the planet should have a basic understanding of.

Today’s guest is doing an incredible job of educating thousands online. Dr. Nicole Le Pera, known as @the.holistic.psycholofist on Instagram, brings a non-traditional approach to human psychology. You’ve probably seen me reposting everything from her page because I am addicted to her work. She examines the whole human experience (physical and mental) as a way to understand how we operate and begin the process of self-healing.

Bucci Radio Holistic Psychologist


  • Relating to each other and understanding our stories
  • Underlying “why’s”
  • Acknowledging feeling stuck
  • Compartmentalizing healing
  • The Mind-Body Connection
  • Emotions and trauma stuck in the body
  • Body memorizations
  • Judging ourselves for our responses
  • Self-based judgments
  • Owning something as part of who we are
  • The thinking-mind dictating our behaviors
  • Consciousness and observing ourselves
  • Development of the ego
  • Triggers as a teacher
  • Core emotional wounds
  • Meeting our own needs internally
  • Partners being a mirror
  • Depersonalizing reactions
  • Regulating ourselves with breath
  • 4:36- Why don’t we have the tools to get over feeling “stuck”?
  • 6:40- Let’s chat about the mind body connection and what that really means?
  • 9:25- How do emotions and trauma get stuck in the body?
  • 16:00- What is an easy way to witness ourselves and see what is going on?
  • 23:00- Let’s talk about all of the different aspects of ourselves and our ego
  • 30:00: What are some of your core emotional wounds?
  • 43:00- In terms of finding the right person, let’s talk about intuitive knowing vs. ego?
  • 48:00- Depersonalizing reactions from others
  • 52:00- How can we support ourselves through this journey? 


  • “I am is the most powerful two words in our language. Any time we own something as part of who we are, it makes it really hard to imagine a way out of that. If this is who I am whether it’s the way I think, a belief I have, the things I do, when I own that as me now I am stuck. Here is another area where i have backed myself into this corner. “
  • “A practiced thought becomes a belief, and before we know it, a belief is dictating our choices.”
  • “The most impactful tool is developing consciousness. Most of us feel completely merged in our thinking mind.”
  • “Before we engage in a consciousness practice, the majority of us are walking around reacting. We react to things people do and say. We react to our external environment. A lot of us end up feeling a victim of our environment.”
  • “We limit our evolution if we are with someone who is on the exact same wavelength as us. As cliche as it sounds, suffering and discomfort propels growth. We change when staying the same is too intolerable.”


To get Nicole’s prompts for Future Self Journaling, head to her website at https://yourholisticpsychologist.com/ and opt-in to start healing.

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