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Today’s guest is actually a repeat guest. Daniel Hind is the founder of Evolution Eat, which is a transformational health coaching company which helps high performers master their diets and get down to the root cause so they can transform their eating habits, lose weight the right way and design a lifestyle of peak performance

Daniel is an incredible writer and entrepreneur. There was an incident that occurred right after we recorded our first podcast together 2 years ago. We are going to dig into that today, the fallout that occurred from that, how we handled it, what we learned, and then into high performance and leadership habits in your life and work, and how to further connect with others.

Bucci Radio Daniel Thomas Hind


  • Taking full responsibility for content you put out
  • Dealing with fallout and backlash
  • Feedback and Constructive criticism
  • Ways to respond to criticism and outrage
  • Owning mistakes and learning lessons
  • Fear of making a mistake –> avoidance of showing up
  • Honoring vs. sacrificing
  • Distinctions between therapy and coaching
  • Empowerment, community, and personal development
  • Knowing that health is holistic
  • Learning through failure
  • Psychedelic experiences and connection
  • 5:30- What crazy event happened after we did our podcast in 2017.
  • 17:54- What we learned on how to respond to outrage and criticism
  • 21:00- Tell me why you think your current clients didn’t have a reaction vs the people who had a reaction to this event?
  • 28:15- The difference between therapy and coaching
  • 35:00- Learning how to build discipline and rituals in your own life
  • 36:00- Learning lessons and psychedelic experiences


  • “If we can’t grow and adapt and learn from past experiences, then what is all of this for?”
  • My greatest block in life is not allowing my true authentic self to be seen fully.
  • “I’ve learned that nothing is so serious that you need to lose yourself over it. We’re connected to something so utterly beyond our three-dimensional experience we exist in every day that it adds a mystery of awe and an element of love to life. When I feel stressed overwhelmed, and feel an absence of joy, I remember that it’s all so much bigger. So why get upset over a little thing? Look at the bigger picture. When I’m upset and overwhelmed it’s often because I’m looking at something so close that i can’t see anything else”


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