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Today’s episode is all about launching your offer on and off of Social Media. How can you optimize what you’re doing to get the best results for your launch?

When we are talking about launching your offer, we’re talking about utilizing marketing strategies so you can get your offer in front of the right people- so they can say yes. The launch is the process of opening up an offer to a specific target audience and promoting it for a certain time.

 In the beginning stages, it’s easy to do things in a “barebones” way because you just want to get something out there. But when you’re no longer in the beginning stages, you want to spend time optimizing everything leading up to your launch so you can make sure you’re going to get the best results possible. 


  • What a launch is
  • How to optimize your launch and make it stress-free
  • Planning, batching and executing
  • Reverse engineering your outcomes
  • Safe vs. Stretch Goals
  • Pre-launching by adding value and building community
  • Examples of adding direct value
  • Why you shouldn’t just use Instagram
  • Building an email list
  • Building hype and talking about your offer
  • Sharing the journey of creating your offer
  • Instagram Story mini-trainings and sales pages
  • Creating actionable steps and takeaways
  • Using testimonials and credibility
  • “Pain centric” content
  • Creating urgency in your pitch
  • Humanizing your audience
  • Validating emotional experiences and building trust
  • 1:15: What is a launch?
  • 2:15: Plan, Batch, and Execute
  • 6:53- Building community through massive value pre-launch
  • 9:30- Using more than just Instagram
  • 12:30- Building the hype
  • 14:00- Creating mini-trainings on Instagram stories
  • 15:56- Instagram Story Sales Pages
  • 17:56- Prioritizing specific types of content
  • 19:53- Credibility and testimonial content and pain centric content
  • 23:00- Staying strong and not waiting until the last minute to pitch
  • 25:00- Humanizing your audience so they do not feel like a number

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