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What do you know for sure? Have you ever thought about money as a frequency or energy vibration? This episode is full of ways to reframe your thoughts about money and how to receive more of it. You’ll leave this episode with an entirely different mindset surrounding money and how to move energy around money in your daily life. 

Our guest today is the one they call the original Spiritual Boss lady, the Money Queen, the Unrealistic Goal Achiever. She is self-made millionaire Amanda Frances who is best known for holding an incredibly high frequency around money and for teaching people how they can do the same. She is completely in her own lane. There is no one else like her. She’s innovative and doing something different. She doesn’t just walk the walk but shows you in her daily life how she uses everything she teaches.

Early in this episode, we discuss how she learned how money was a vibration, and how she acts and performs in her most powerful state. Deeper inside this episode, we discuss how she began selling her products on different platforms, how she approaches her creative process, and how to not hate anything you do, and why it’s okay to change your mind about something if it doesn’t feel right for you to sell.

Let’s dive in….

Amanda Frances Bucci RadioIMPORTANT MOMENTS:

  • 3:52- How did you learn that money was an energy and a vibration?
  • 13:00- If you were in your most powerful state, what do you say to yourself?
  • 20:15- What is your creative process?
  • 27:00- How was your process in starting to sell on platforms?
  • 34:00- What are your core beliefs and action steps?
  • 37:00- For people who feel stuck, what are some tips and questions we can ask ourselves? 

To find out more about Amanda Frances, follow her on Instagram @xoamandafrances or head to:

https//www.amandafrances.com/money to opt in or to get one of her bundle courses now, head to https://amandafrances.com/drop-your-money-struggle/ or https://amandafrances.com/energy-and-frequency-of-money/

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