Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio!

Today I want to share what’s going on in my personal life. This episode is one big life update from how I’m managing my life-work balance, creating content, managing my relationship and energy, and uncovering what works best for me. 

As someone who started as a vlogger, I still find it so important to consistently share what’s going on in my personal life, even though I’ve made the switch to more business content rather than being an “influencer”. 

Early on in this episode, I give a summary of what’s going on in my life and business, and later in the episode, I dive into some reasons why I’m no longer creating content on Youtube anymore. 

Amanda Bucci Youtube


  • 2:58- Do you still workout? What do you do for fitness?
  • 10:23- Traveling and being bi-coastal with my relationship
  • 13:45- My relationship with John
  • 18:25- Spiritual Psychology School
  • 26:00- Business updates
  • 38:00- Energy management
  • 44:00- Why I don’t make Youtube videos anymore and finding a work-life balance


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