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Today’s episode is all about creating and building out an offer. In this episode, I am going to give you 6 things to consider when you’re building out your offer for your business. When your offer isn’t written out and organized, you’re going to have a hard time pitching it or finding your ideal client to even pitch to. Which also means you might have a hard time with messaging, content creation, and engaging your audience by creating content to connect with them. Your business is being created to solve a specific problem. If you can get clear on the problem, that’s great. But if you can get clear on the person, even better.


  • 2:53- Number 1: Where are you currently at in your entrepreneurial journey?
  • 5:28- Number 2: Who are you serving?
  • 8:00- Number 3: What’s currently in your marketplace?
  • 12:00- Number 4: What are the different types of offers you could have available?
  • 17:00- Number 5: How are you marketing your offer?
  • 18:52- Number 6: How are you selling your offer?

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