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Some people lean into change, but most of us run from it. We all have the ability inside of ourselves to make any change we want to make. We create our own reality.  The truth is, you can just decide. You can just let go of your fears. You can choose to love yourself. But it isn’t always that easy. 

Almost all of us have fear in terms of looking at what’s on the other side of making a change. It’s not always about pushing or forcing your way through. It’s not always about self-discipline. This process is a tool, not a solution, to support yourself in making changes. 

Amanda Bucci Making a Change



  • 13:08- Noticing and observing- what are you perceiving as a threat?
  • 14:00- Creating safety and support for yourself
  • 15:36- Visualize the “How”
  • 20:00- Being in survival mode
  • 22:45- Connecting to the felt sensation/creating an ideal scene
  • 24:08- Work on releasing limiting beliefs


We feel comfortable doing things the way we’ve always done. We feel deeply comfortable in the thing we know, even if it’s not good for us. 

Change happens when the pain of staying the same becomes worse than the pain of making the new choice. It is too painful to see your new life in front of you visualized and choose your old self. 

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