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There’s a difference between vanilla messaging and trying to be like everybody else, verses separating yourself and owning what makes you uniquely you. One person who continually embraces her real, true, #PrettyAwkward self is today’s guest, Megan Yelaney. Megan owns her “Megness”, and crushes it with her marketing by showing up as herself every single day and creating a business that makes her feel at home. 

Most of you know that Megan is one of the few people who has been a mentee and client of mine, an incredible friend, and was the head coach of FCA for over a year. Megan started off as a Network Marketer in an MLM before eventually joining Influencer Academy (now FCA) and starting her own business coaching and scaling it to multiple 6-figures. She’s an incredible example of someone who has always shown up with integrity and continually steps it up to the next level.

In this episode, we talk about transitional and pivotal moments in business, being real and not caring what other people think, separating yourself by not becoming a carbon copy, getting out of your bubble, and creating a routine and business that feels light and exciting.


  • 3:00- How did Pretty Awkward come about? Who were you when you started in this space?
  • 9:00- How did you learn how to separate yourself from the people you were learning from?
  • 16:00- Can you tell us about the experience of overworking and not shutting off?
  • 19:00- What has helped you switch niches and feel cohesive?
  • 25:00- What are the main things you have tried in your business and the top 3 key strategies you’ve stuck with in your business?
  • 34:00- What would you say are some things that helped uplevel you and take you from 6 figures to multiple 6 figures?
  • 47:00- Who do you think you’ve become through this experience, and who are you now becoming?


You can find Megan on Instagram @meganyelaney or on the #PrettyAwkward podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-prettyawkward-entrepreneur-podcast/id1471547197

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