Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio!
We’re at the end of 2019.
About to enter 2020.
There is a new paradigm occurring, a new way of being emerging.
We have less and less tolerance for making decisions for other people…
Living in societal boxes…
Tolerating hate, bigotry, sexism, racism, oppression….
We are learning to balance out the patriarchal masculine way of doing with the matriarchal feminine way of being…
Recognizing a deeper truth and sense of reality that’s far more than what we ever imagined…
So many are waking up and recognizing the truth of who they are….
Having dark night of the soul moments — seeing their dark subconscious that is filled with everything we ever disowned about ourselves that we hate…
In this episode, I cover 8 things I’ve learned this year and know to be true.


1. We are souls having a human experience
2. Our bodies are signaling us
3. We also need to honor our humanity and where we are at, giving ourselves grace, minimizing self-judgement
4. The best thing we can do is anything with loving energy
5. Creating more presence in daily life is imperative for self-care. Self-care is also so nuanced per person, per need.
6. Discomfort doesn’t always mean wrong. It means that there are lessons.
7. Ego will always want the easy way out, to not take responsibility. To discern between whats for you and not is always good to check in — are you hearing any judgement? Is this just NEW and uncomfortable?
8. Create a business model that’s correct for YOU as a human. If something lights you up, follow that. If something is draining, question it. If you find yourself doing things just for the sake of money, question that. Always reevaluate: is this getting me more of what I truly want?


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