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There are three main issues happening: The Coronavirus, The Hysteria, and the Economic Transition. In this episode, we discuss everything that an online service provider needs to know to survive this historical time.

We have a very timely and relevant episode today, my mentor Scott Oldford. When we worked together in 2019, I remember him talking about what was going to happen to the online service industry when the economy crashes–which was inevitably coming in 2021. Well: we’re in the beginning stages of that happening now. If you don’t know Scott–he’s been running businesses since he was 7, was a millionaire by 16, has built ten 7-figure businesses, and helped over 100 entrepreneurs scale to 7-figures.

In this episode, we discuss the current climate of online business and coronavirus, why we are in the middle of a large awakening of consciousness, how to handle what’s happening as a leader for your team, how to not lose your clients, how to be transparent with your team members or employees, and how best to market your products to weather the storm.

Important Moments:

  • 4:54: Scott discusses how and why he started talking about this 2 years ago.
  • 8:00- Discussing impostor syndrome as a leader
  • 8:45- Scott and Amanda discuss what’s happening with coronavirus and the economy.
  • 17:00- Activating entrepreneurial DNA in our blood and a large awakening of consciousness
  • 22:00- Scott Oldford describes how to earn your stripes as an entrepreneur and getting through hard times.
  • 27:28- Feeling more energized by helping others and getting MORE into your routine and meditation so you can serve.
  • 29:00- Tactical tips on what to do with your business and your offers and why you shouldn’t stop selling
  • 31:00- How to not lose your clients by delivering service and certainty and being proactive.
  • 36:00- Scott discusses how to manage your team right now
  • 41:05- Being transparent with your employees or team members
  • 43:54- Scott goes over products and marketing and how to weather this storm
  • 57:15- Scott gives us some positive advice and tells us about his program

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The more we consume other people’s information and news and media the more our nervous system and subconscious goes into overdrive and we go into fight-flight or freeze

Most people don’t realize that the economy was going to crash the way it was going in 2021 anyway. 

You don’t recover from this in 3 months. The implications are massive. This is the time where you have to double down quickly. 

If everyone gives everything away and stops selling, it doesn’t fix anything. If we stop that, the value of the dollar decreases and inflation goes up. By you making money, someone else makes money. 

Your #1 job right now is to give security and certainty in uncertain times.

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