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Have you ever followed someone you know on social media who is trying to build an audience, add value, and teach and you just notice that this person is much different or better in real life than they are on social media? I’ve met many people that are this way, and there’s a lot of reasons. Maybe they don’t put as much energy into social media or it’s not a priority for them.

But for those are using social media for self-expression and building an audience and creating an influence, you can tell when someone is disconnected from their content. You don’t get excited to watch or follow them or read their posts, you just tap away.

The goal is to make sure you’re doing everything you can to talk to your ideal clients who are potentially going to be signing up for your programs or courses. You want your ideal clients to actually listen to what you have to say and feel so connected to you that when they meet you they say  “WOW, you’re the same in person that you are online.”

  • What is disconnected content and how it happens
  • Being the same person you are online vs. real life
  • Doing market research to figure out how to speak your audience
  • Finding topics you’re passionate talking about
  • Attaching content ideas to other people
  • Making your content original and different
  • Breaking down your content into buckets
  • Being truly excited about the content you’re sharing
  • Getting connected to WHY you’re passionate about your content
  • Writing content out of obligation, fear, and scarcity
  • Showing up consistently
  • Setting an intention before posting content or stories
  • Getting connected with your clients
  • Taking intentional and inspiring action on a daily basis
  • How we perceive and attach our emotions and experiences to who we are
  • 9:17- Market research for your audience and Finding content you love talking about.
  • 10:38- How can you break down your content to make it easier to create?
  • 12:15- Getting connected to why you’re passionate about your content
  • 17:16- Finding out how your ideal client thinks and what they are struggling with
  • 27:16- Having conversations with your ideal client
  • 29:00- What steps can you take to be fully yourself?
  1. Do Market Research (who your ideal client is, what they are struggling with, how they think)
  2. Get connected to WHY you’re passionate about your content
  3. Connect to others (your ideal clients)
  4. Connect to YOURSELF


  • Everything has already been said. The way that you make it original and different is to use your own words to share your own experiences and to be you while saying it. Find your own way and version of saying it. You can’t let the idea that someone already shared that topic block you from sharing that topic.”

  • “If you’re writing your captions out of obligation in the hope it will get you clients, you’re not writing from love or a heartfelt space of passion and joy. You’re writing from a place of fear and scarcity.”

  • “If you’re not connected to yourself, people will pick up on your energy and they will pick up on the fact that you don’t really know who you are and that you’re not confident .”

  • The biggest advice I can provide you is to find out more about who you are. When you can get connected with yourself, your values, your passion, your gifts, your strengths, your personality, and with what you stand for and what you are excited about and what you’re NOT excited about, it’s going to be so much easier for you to get on stories, write posts, take pictures. It’s going to be so much easier to not care about what anyone thinks because you know who you are.”

  • “People want permission to be themselves. When you’re fully yourself, you give other people permission to be themselves too” 


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