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Today’s topic is a little vulnerable for me. I believe when it comes to sharing your story, share everything that you’re going through because it’s so powerful and so relatable. But I do recommend doing it when you are coming out on the other side of it.

As entrepreneurs, we have to practice going through the “shit” and having a faster recovery between the emotional upset and coming out on the other side. The reason we have to have a quick recovery is because if our cup isn’t full while we are serving people and creating content, we will get to a point where we can’t push anymore and our business will die.

We have to stay in a place of happiness and positivity, its ok to not stay in that space all the time, but we can’t not stay in it for too long. We have to have the mental tools to deal with the anxiety, stress and overwhelm so we can do our best in doing what we’re best at. We have a responsibility to share these things to help others who may be in the same situation.

  • Emotional, Physical, and Mental Burnout
  • Where you need to create discipline vs. where you need to slow things down
  • Listening to your body
  • Recharging yourself during burnout
  • Reaching your maximum capacity
  • Communication overload and Open Loop Syndrome
  • Hiring a team and creating systems
  • Growth mode and financial scarcity
  • Operating out of scarcity vs. abundance
  • Keeping yourself in check and delegating
  • Staying in your zone of genius
  • Understanding what you’re actually best at doing
  • Filling up your own cup
  • Managing your stress in a healthy way
  • 10:25- Focusing on different pillars in your life
  • 12:15- How I reached burnout in my own life and business
  • 16:07- What can happen to get to burnout
  • 19:18- How open loop syndrome contributed to me reaching my maximum capacity
  • 28:31- How hiring a team affects your business
  • 31:54- How financial scarcity affects your business and mentality
  • 33:57- How can you keep yourself in check to avoid burnout?
  • 35:45- Using human design to understand what you’re best at
  • 38:00- Top 4 Tips for dealing with burnout


  • “When you’re at burnout, there’s something that’s going on that’s making you at 100% capacity and you can only see a way out when you fully slow down and stop.”
  • “If you’re not living your life and you’re just doing your business, you’re out of balance and out of whack and you’ll hit burnout faster because you’re not filling up your own cup.”
  • “It can get to a point depending on how well you’re managing your time, goals, business, relationship, ability to recover from emotional upset, that every time you’re not managing those things well it’s diminishing your opportunity to do well in your business and have happiness and fulfillment in your life.”
  • “I didn’t have energy to care about the things that I normally care about. I care about every single thing that I do. My business, my content, my products, my vision. Everything was weighing on me so heavily that I didn’t care as much.”
  • “If you’re not healthy and profitable and you’re not making more of your monthly expenses then you will get to a place of financial scarcity. Financial scarcity is scary because when we are in that place, we make everything worse. We start to self-sabotage and everything becomes an obligation. Then you act out of fear instead of abundance.”
  • “Keep yourself in check. Ask what can i actually give away or delegate to make sure i am staying in my zone of genius? Reevaluate what you are doing on a weekly and daily basis.”


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