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Today’s episode is a Replay of The Best Life Podcast with Danny J and Jill Coleman! Here’s what they shared about our episode:

Amanda Bucci’s calling in life is to connect with others and help them become the most authentic version of themselves. Through complete transparency, consistency, and education, she has grown a community of close to 600,000 on Instagram, over 200,000 on YouTube, and even more across other social platforms. In this episode, Amanda tells us her secrets for success, and ultimately how to find our own Best Lives. www.amandabucci.com


In This Conversation We Cover:

Amanda’s beginning as a lifestyle brand and entrepreneur [1:38]

Taking action without a clear-cut formula [11:46]

What are beginners doing wrong? [15:45]

Creating an organization system for efficiency [20:08]

When you feel like nothing is changing for your business, and its starting to feel like work [25:03]

Placing a dollar amount for your services [30:58]

Dealing with criticism and the “haters” [37:26]

What is a success mindset & finding mentors [46:22]

Amanda’s Best Life [50:17]


When was the last time you actually sat down to write down what your dream life would look like? We all have business, social media, and body oriented goals, which work together to create the dream life. If you never sit down and recognize where you’re currently at and plan out how to get to where you want to be, it’s just a dream not a plan. I understand exactly how this goes, which is why I want you to download the free guide I made to help you get really fricken clear on all this stuff, called The Life Design Map. We get really honest with your current standings and move into your dream day and life, so head on over to amandabucci.com/lifedesignmap to turn your dream into reality and goals into plans!

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