Today’s Bucci Radio guest is the unnamed BrainsForBrawn – AKA, Brendan Lund!

Known for the “doughnut pose” and his extremely long, powerful captions on Instagram, Brendan is a fitness and lifestyle coach focusing on mental health, and incorporating fitness into his client’s everyday life in a way that’s optimal for them.

When starting his Instagram account, he used the same marketing techniques as a lot of other fitness coaches on the ‘gram by posting photos of abs and food.

However, he found himself getting little to no client inquires and was left a bit dazed and confused on what he was doing wrong.

He decided that since he was previously posting pictures of abs and food, writing short captions, and posting every day, he decided to do something almost opposite and post no photos of his physique, and post only 2-3x / week, with long as hell posts.

 He also tagged the people (big influencers) who he wanted to see his posts, and this helped him grow because they were recognizing him for his captions. I was one of the first 5 people to do the doughnut pose!

In this episode we talk about how your “bandwidth” and relationships affects your fitness journey and commitment level.

The “self love trend” and how that can be spun negatively, and actually hurt the other people scrolling through the platforms.

We also talk a lot about social media, first impressions and charm, and staying positive!

Brendan shares, “The only other people that care when you complain, are the losers around you.” 

In this episode, we dive deep into how to engineer your own audience, business, and life in the fitness industry all while NOT posting physique photos.

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You can find him on Instagram HERE!