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A Year-Long Business Mastermind For Badass Women Who Are Scaling Their Businesses, Stepping Into Their Power, and Fulfilling Their Infinite Potential.

with: Amanda Bucci


It's Time To Scale Your Business from the Inside Out.

The Flourish & Conquer Mastermind is a Year-Long Business and Leadership Mastermind for female entrepreneurs ready to make MORE money, build a BIGGER audience, get leverage through SYSTEMS, and live fully in alignment with who they really are.

We believe in the balance of the Goal Line and the Soul Line, the Masculine and the Feminine - the Flourish and Conquer.

We know that you want your business to grow. You need the strategy to scale to 5-figure months, leverage a team and systems to build something bigger than you, and expand your audience so your message can be heard.

We know that you need to hone in on your sales process, hire team members and delegate, and set up operations so your health/fitness/ business/ spirituality/ relationship/ otherwise business can scale to the level you know it can get to. 

In this mastermind, we will also be holding massive space for you to elevate and uplevel in the Woman You Need To Become to have the business of your dreams.

When the leader grows, the business grows--and that's exactly what we plan to support you on.

I see you girl: full speed ahead, building your business, and--against all odds, might I add--you're making the damn thing happen.

You've seen your business grow before you're eyes, and you honestly can't believe it: yes babe, you've literally built this 6-Figure business from scratch.

But with a new level comes a new devil: long and tiring workdays, feeling the anxiety of never being "caught up," and running on the hamster wheel to keep your machine going.

Rather than feeling free and in control of your own life, you've built something that's controlling your life.

On top of that? You're stepping into a completely new version of yourself, and sometimes you wonder how the hell you're even keeping up.

These growing pains aren't going anywhere, and you're craving mentorship from someone who gets it, and support from a community of women upleveling to the same heights as you are.

APPLY NOW for 2020

Top 10 Elements of The Successful 7-Figure CEO

The Woman We're Looking For:

  •  A coach, clinician, trainer, healer, or other service provider who's got a big mission, and is ready to fulfill it.  
  •  A woman whose already proven her offer to the world, but needs support in scaling what she's got through leverage, team, systems, and sustainability.  
  •  A woman who's making between $10-20k/month, wanting to grow to $30-100k+ month.  
  • A woman who's ready, willing, and excited to do the inner work in connecting to herself, her Truth, and her purpose.

Meet Your Mentor For The Year

I started this Mastermind in 2018 with the dream to bring powerful women together in a container that catalyzes growth they've never seen or felt. 

Building a 7-Figure business before the time I was 25 came truly began with Masterminds. After joining my first Mastermind, I launched my business coaching practice, first group coaching program, and first certificate program for coaches.

In my time, I've built audiences in the hundreds of thousands on all social media platforms, attracted a team of 8 incredibly aligned, powerful members to support this company, and mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs who have gone on to build their own six and multiple six figure businesses.

None of this success came without doing "the work" on myself to release patterns, thoughts, and beliefs that didn't serve who I needed to become -- the CEO of a 7-Figure business, and leader of a mission bigger than myself.

My ultimate goal is to support other women to create similar results. Will you join me?





Isabella (entrepreneur since birth) is known on the Internet as the Instagram Queen, the Biz Evil Genius, and the GuavaBoss. 

Isabella has been consulting for startups since the age of 18, and quickly scaled her own business from $500 months in the summer of 2018, to a $700k year in 2019. She rocks.

"RUN, don't walk, to work with Amanda Bucci. I hired her as my mentor over a year ago, and it was the best decision I've ever made. I used to make $3k/month in my business, and now I'm making consistent 5 and 6-figure months. She is such master of helping women feel good and in alignment while running their business." 


Leading Expert in Type 1 Diabetes and Health, Lauren quickly rose to the top of her industry by serving the T1D community with everything from nutrition programs, to the Diabetic Health Journal, to full-fledged courses and coaching programs.

"There comes a point in your entrepreneurial journey where if you want to scale your business, you can't just continue doing the things you you have been doing up until that point. I came to this realization at the end of 2018 and made the decision to join FCM with Amanda and her team. I had already built a 6-figure business on my own as a Virtual Diabetic Health Coach, but needed specific help with systems, operations, hiring a team, and building out my offers. Before joining, I was turning clients away because I didn't have space (actually and emotionally), wasn't clear on what other offerings besides 1:1 coaching would like look, and I was constantly stressed because I knew where I wanted to go--but didn't have the steps to get there.

Investing in this mastermind was hands down the best decision I've made in my career. Not only did I triple my revenue this year, but I did it in a way that is aligned with my overall vision for my company. I feel like a real CEO vs an entrepreneur . And I have made the most incredible relationships that I am forever grateful for. Over the last 8 months, Amanda and Elran have invested in my best interest always and they will do that for you, too." - Lauren Bongiorno


Big-time TV Producer turned Yogi Turned Business Coach for Conscious Leaders, Melissa excelled in her business within the first three months of starting it. 

Melissa went from $3k months in her first month, to collecting $24k in her THIRD month of business. This woman has power, work-ethic, and energy galore. She's a force to be reckoned with.

"I decided to hire Amanda and joined her high level mastermind only 3 months after starting my business.. Was I ready? Probably not, but I believed in myself and I was willing to take a chance. The next month--my business TRIPLED."


Jess Glazer (founder of Empower University) worked tirelessly as a fitness professional and teacher, making less than $60k/year. 

Once she cracked the code of business, she began showing other burnt-out fitness professionals her methods and scaled her business to $100k/months in 2019. 

"After 6 months working with Amanda (and Elran) I not only doubled my business revenue and scaled to a half million dollar company, but I was finally able to streamline my systems/processes

Before joining the F&CMM, I was working in a very reactive state; constantly putting out fires and hustling my way into burnout. 

Since organizing the backend of my business and tapping into my feminine energy, I've been able to work from a passive aligned state; giving me more space and energy to be creative and flow. 

I can't thank Amanda and the team enough for not just the business growth and clarity, but the personal growth and tribe of like-minded women!"


February 7-9

Sunshine, silent disco, 




October TBD

Dry desert heat, magical energy of the land.

Our Motto? Play & Slay.


This Is The Mastermind I Wish I'd Had.

Working with mentors and joining masterminds can get tricky.

How do you know what you really want, or how much you're doing something because your mentor suggested it?

How do you break free from your need to achieve higher, harder, and faster -- while still achieving the goals you want?

How do you not burn yourself out from working so hard to achieve the lofty finacial goals you set for yourself while paying for a business coach?

See, the thing is: you might not break free from these potential scenarios stepping into this level--I know I didn't.

I needed to try things on for size, to show myself that I could do whatever the hell I set my mind to, and that I'd figure it all out as I went.

And what I really needed along the way? A mentor to let me know I wasn't crazy, that this is completely freaking normal, and what the consequences of my decisions would be.

Not one thing is easier than the other.

A membership isn't easier than an in-person retreat, and a course isn't easier than a group coaching program.

Sometimes, we just need guidance as we try things on for size--because these decisions can be big, and to pull it off? Requires us to GO ALL IN with it.

I want to be there for you, while you go all in on your creations--being the realistic, supportive, warm, empathetic, and objective sounding board you need while you do it.

I want to give you every strategy and tool you'd need, while also making sure you're making decisions from your Center.

You deserve to fulfill your potential, and you deserve support from a community of people who won't let you lose yourself in the process.

I love you.

Your Investment Options For The Mastermind

Tier 1: Powerful Level

  • Five 1:1 Calls With Amanda
  • 24 Group Coaching Calls
  • 3 Retreats
  • $30k Total (5k deposit + 11 payments of $2,300)

Tier 2: VIP Goddess Level

  • One VIP Day With Amanda
  • Eight 1:1 Calls With Amanda
  • 24 Group Coaching Calls
  • 3 Retreats + VIP Dinners
  • $42k Total (8k deposit + 11 payments of $3,200)

On your interview call, we'll have a candid discussion about what's the best fit for you: no pressure.

Please make yourself aware of our REFUND POLICY.

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