A Year-Long High-Level Business Mastermind For Badass Womxn Who Are Scaling Their 6-Figure Biz Into A 7-Figure Empire.


It's Time To Scale Your Business from the Inside Out.

The Flourish & Conquer Mastermind is a Year-Long Business and Leadership Mastermind for female entrepreneurs ready to make MORE money, build a BIGGER audience, get leverage through SYSTEMS, and live fully in alignment with who they really are.

We believe in the balance of the Goal Line and the Soul Line, the Masculine and the Feminine - the Flourish and Conquer.

We know that you want your business to grow. You need the strategy to scale to 5-figure months, leverage a team and systems to build something bigger than you, and expand your audience so your message can be heard.

We know that you need to hone in on your sales process, hire team members and delegate, and set up operations so your health/fitness/ business/ spirituality/ relationship/ otherwise business can scale to the level you know it can get to. 

In this mastermind, we will also be holding massive space for you to elevate and uplevel in the Woman You Need To Become to have the business of your dreams.

When the leader grows, the business grows--and that's exactly what we plan to support you on.

APPLY NOW for 2020


The Woman We're Looking For:

  •  A coach, clinician, trainer, healer, or other service provider whose got a big mission, and is ready to fulfill it.  
  •  A woman whose already proven her offer to the world, but needs support in scaling what she's got through leverage, team, systems, and sustainability.  
  •  A woman whose making between $10-20k/month, wanting to grow to $30-50k+ month (or more, duh.)  
  • A woman whose ready, willing, and excited to do the inner work in connecting to herself, her Truth, and her purpose.

And of course, the features:

1:1 Calls with Amanda for Unique + Customized Strategy + Mentorship

6 Months of Business and Personal Mastery  

Group Coaching Calls for Tweaking, Clarifying, and Enhancing.

Unlimited Access to Amanda + Team via Slack for Questions, Updates, and Audits.

Two In Person Mastermind Retreats [August 4th + November date TBD]

Access to All Bucci Courses and Online Trainings

Mastermind Specific Online Trainings

Specialist Guest Experts + Speakers [Online Calls + In Person Retreats]

Hi, I'm Amanda.

I started this Mastermind in 2018 with the dream to bring powerful women together in a container that catalyzes growth they've never seen or felt. 

Building a 7-Figure business before the time I was 25 came truly began with Masterminds. After joining my first Mastermind, I launched my business coaching practice, first group coaching program, and first certificate program for coaches.

In my time, I've built audiences in the hundreds of thousands on all social media platforms, attracted a team of 8 incredibly aligned, powerful members to support this company, and mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs who have gone on to build their own six and multiple six figure businesses.

None of this success came without doing "the work" on myself to release patterns, thoughts, and beliefs that didn't serve who I needed to become -- the CEO of a 7-Figure business, and leader of a mission bigger than myself.

My ultimate goal is to support other women to create similar results. Will you join me?


Kendall Strampel @fearstofit 

Christina D'Amico @christina_damico 

Susan Lenderts @susanlenderts 

Jasmine Shea @jazzythings 

Isbella Silverio @isabella.guava

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