Today’s Bucci Radio guest is 20-year-old London native, Grace Beverley.She’s currently an Oxford University music theory student, on absolutely dominating on social media with her unapologetic, fit-uni-gal lifestyle.

We found each other on Instagram and Twitter originally when she came out with her GraceFit Guide, which now has impacted over 7,000 women! She talks about the community she cultivated with the guide and how she’s become the social media influencer she is today, at age 20.

Grace started her Instagram account at the end of February 2015 simply to motivate herself. We discussed how this led her to not have anyone influence the way she was posting, and how her real-ness worked in her favor. She posses a balance with school, a social life, and keeping up with fitness that most people dream of.

However, she didn’t always have this balance in life. In fact, Grace and I talk a lot about her history with different training and dieting styles. Starting as a competitive gymnast, dealing with yo-yo dieting and life changes, and then transitioning into training for life and aesthetics, she’s been through tons of trial and error and has a lot to share.

We also talk about her journey being a student at Oxford University where she studies music, how she almost didn’t get accepted, balance with school and social media, and the business side of Grace’s experience with social media.

She shares with us how transparent she wants to make the business side of what she does so it stops being so “taboo”, and how she doesn’t feel bad (and doesn’t think others should either) for earning money off of social media—her passion.

You can find her on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and find her guide HERE!

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