Welcome to another episode of Bucci Radio! I had the honor of speaking with fitness coach, writer, athlete, and all around AWESOME human being – Jordan Syatt.

Jordan and I met through Instagram back in July with a simple “Hey, you made dope content!” “Omg no way, I love YOUR content!” and the friendship began.

Jordan has a strong love for Harry Potter (if you follow him, you know this), coffee (which he deems “unicorn blood”), and just simply helping people.

He is a 5x world record powerlifter who once deadlifted four times his body weight, and now he has a message four times as powerful as anything you’ve recently heard!

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  • Discovering when it’s time to switch focus in passions, working out, and life
  • Being goal driven and doing what you love
  • Not making self-allegiances with fitness programs and products
  • How Jordan greatly expanded his social media presence, and the thought process behind his posts
  • Writing long, meaningful posts on social media
  • The reality of “failure”
  • How Jordan started coaching Gary Vaynerchuk



  • 3:38 Do you want to talk about being hyper-focused on strength training to being hyper-focused on different areas to now traveling a bunch, having your own business, and being focused on feeling good and having fun?
  • 6:54 Want to tell me a little bit about what you love now, what your training split looks like, and what your approach to fitness for yourself looks like now?
  • 8:37 What do you think is the difference between getting to the point where you’re cool with just becoming happier and healthier vs. feeling frantic about reaching goals?
  • 30:31 What’s the shift from doing something you might not want to be doing to knowing that there is something else?
  • 10:59 What were some of the failures or struggles that you’ve gone through to get to this mindset you’re in now, being really peaceful with where you’re at and just happy and enjoying life?
  • 19:37 What do you think makes you different and why do you think your Instagram expanded so quickly?
  • 21:23 When you’re formulating a post and creating a graphic and engaging with people, what are the main things that you are sure to include in the process of creating?
  • 31:52 What do you think about posting things that you really care about vs. posting things that you know are going to get engagement?
  • 36:04 What are the messages you are really passionate about spreading?
  • 38:45 Can you tell the story about how you started working with Gary [Vaynerchuk]?
  • 46:18 What are your plans for your future and the impact you want to make on people and yourself?



“You have to actually experience those levels of the process in order to understand, not even just to appreciate the mindset, but to feel really peaceful within that goal once you get there.”

“You fail your way to that point (your goal), and I think a lot of people never get there because they fail and they quit.”

“Don’t make an allegiance with anything (programs/products), look at it as an experiment, not as a part of who you are.”

“If people can’t leave the post knowing how to get better, I didn’t do my job… if they can’t leave taking away something immediately, it wasn’t a successful post.”

“By you writing less, short content, you’re pandering to the people who don’t give a fuck anyway. But if you write content that’s long, not long for the sake of long, but long because it actually means something, you’re going to be giving it to the people who actually care about it.”

“People understanding that failure is part of the process and being okay with failure is a major stress relief, and is one of the biggest things that can actually keep you going to success.”

“Knowing there isn’t one right or wrong way, and experimenting with things and trying new things is probably going to be the best thing you can do.”



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