On this episode of Bucci Radio, we have a beautiful second chat with one of my top five most admired self-love role models and spiritual fairy Godmother, Lori Harder. She has a brand new book coming out May 8th, titled “A Tribe Called Bliss,” and today she’s here to talk about building REALLY REALLY POWERFUL social circles, consisting of tribe members true to you, so you all can live happier, healthier, longer lives.

So get set to learn how to build a tribe, acknowledge your soul’s true calling, connect to your higher power, acknowledge blocks that have been stopping you, and take ownership of it all, because it’s go time!



  • Lori’s very different upbringing
  • Reprogramming your mind
  • Seeing what else is out there in the world
  • Growing into an environment and tribe that fits you
  • Knowing when and how to begin connecting with people in your dream tribe
  • Being prepared and ready to connect with a mentor to take their advice seriously
  • How to ask better questions & learning how to say you want to connect with someone
  • Relationships & sales
  • Expectation hangovers
  • Understanding how to add value in different situations
  • How Lori distinctly & uniquely structured her book
  • Miracles
  • Structuring your life to run a mind blowing business
  • Three final pieces of advice to begin building your tribe


  • 4:50 Do you want to start talking about your upbringing and your religion?
  • 7:47 What were some of the moments that allowed you to open up to the idea of reprogramming being in such a small, isolated, religious community?
  • 10:36 Can you tell us the story of your friends that opened your eyes to what else was out there in the world and what happiness really was?
  • 14:40 How can people start to take small micro-moments, and work through them to figure out what will be beneficial for them and their souls?
  • 16:20 How do you find these friends and connect with these people when you feel so alone?
  • 19:20 Do you listen to something in your body for guidance? What if you feel that people in the tribe you belong in are so out of your league you don’t even know how to approach them?
  • 21:33 When you were wondering, okay I want to connect with this one woman, she is so incredible, who was that person and how did you end up connecting with them?
  • 26:22 What do you say to women who struggle to connect with other women?
  • 29:32 How do you now teach people how to treat you especially when you DO want to connect with them that communicates an equal energy exchange and not just a surface-level small talk?
  • 35:53 How do you add value to your relationships and how do other women add value to yours?
  • 39:02 How did you end up deciding to structure your book?
  • 43:57 Can you tell us about the feeling and what’s on the other side of the uplevelment that’s on the other side of putting in the work to properly reading and experiencing your book?
  • 47:10 Where can people get the book?
  • 48:10 If you were to leave listeners with three pieces of advice to start building their tribe, what would they be?


“I noticed that it was some of the only times that I actually did not feel anxious, or I could get rid of some of the feelings of shame or self-loathing, or feeling really anxious, stressed out or not good enough was when I could just go get lost in nature.”

“It was earth shattering that for one week I lived my life a totally different way, I felt different, looked different, it just opened the world up for me.”

“Your environment is stronger than your willpower, so you have to go to an environment that supports where you want to go.”

“Showing up as your most authentic self is the path of the warrior. It’s truly a standard that you should hold yourself to even if it doesn’t mean achievements.”

“Ask better questions, you get better answers.”

“You have to learn to collect people for different reasons.”


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