Today on Bucci Radio we sit down with the very genuine and generous creators of LVD Fitness Clothing Line (Life, Visualize, Dominate), power couple Mal and Josh!

What began as a class project ended up becoming a real clothing line which provides one month of clean water to someone in a developing country for every purchase.

You’ll be excited to hear how the two met and began a relationship that is now inspiring the fitness industry!




  • How Josh, Mal, and Amanda met
  • How Josh and Mal started dating
  • Behind the scenes of LVD in its beginnings as a school project
  • How Mal got into powerlifting, and LVD filled a gap in that industry
  • Details of Josh and Mal’s first powerlifting meets
  • What it’s like to be dating and running a business together
  • What means the most to them in their business currently and moving forward
  • The importance of giving back
  • The process of developing the product line



  • 2:37 How did you guys meet?
  • 6:30 What did you mean when you said powerlifting had a negative connotation?
  • 9:09 What was the story behind each of your first powerlifting meets?
  • 14:27 What are some of the little mistakes you made at your first meet?
  • 18:45 How do you figure out what kind of clear goals you want if you’re new to powerlifting?
  • 22:04 What happened when you missed your squat at barbell?
  • 29:01 So LVD was a school project?
  • 34:52 What was it like working with designers?
  • 40:08 How did you get from the logo to actual product sale, and what has your journey been like all the way up to the point of this episode?
  • 50:14 What do you think it was that connected these incredible athletes with your company?
  • 53:50 What are the struggles, challenges, and most beautiful parts of working together as a couple and business owners?
  • 58:42 If you had three of the most important things to spread to people listening to this podcast, what would they be?



“You just have to be long term focused so you know you’re going to get it eventually, and sometimes it’s just that fire you need.”

“We aim to help athletes help give back to the community in different ways. So our main way of doing that, which was how we started, was we provide one month of clean water to someone in a developing country for every item we sell.”

“People just want community and love.”

“We believe in everything we’re saying and doing.”

“If your main goal is to connect to those people, you want to connect to THEM, not the number behind their Instagram handle, or their accomplishments in their sport. Connect to them as people because people just want to feel like people.”

“It’s too hard to be fake.”



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