Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio! Today we have one of the best podcasts I have recorded to date. My friend Lynette Marie is an incredible person, friend, and one of my top performers in the Influencer Academy. She really honed in on her ultimate power and has been flourishing in her own business, company, and life! She’s an incredible wife, volunteers at a church where her husband is a minister, and over the last year and a half she’s been giving everything in her cup to her clients. She’s transformed so massively over the last four months: I’ve seen her go from tense and stressed, to floating freely and loving life and her clients, making more money, and serving more people at a higher level. We’re here to tell you all about how she’s done that!



  • Lynette’s background
  • Intuitive eating & restrictive rules
  • Growing & showing up
  • Moments of inspiration & techniques for growing
  • Feeling a mess & forcing energy
  • “Shoulds” & “should nots”
  • Scarcity vs. abundance mindset & transformation
  • Finding your value & what you do that is helpful to people
  • Your youness & superpower
  • Giving yourself permission to be you
  • Visualizing your ideal day-to-day life
  • Final takeaways


  • 6:25 Want to start off on your story and how you got started off as a fitness coach?
  • 7:03 What was your competition experience like and how did it shape you into the coach you are today?
  • 11:05 Why did you feel like you weren’t making the impact you wanted to as a coach even with a good sized following?
  • 12:18 If you were to look back and reverse engineer what you did to grow, what do you think those things were?
  • 13:30 What happened after you decided that you should really try to grow?
  • 15:22 How do you now balance what feels so good to you to do vs. the things you know that will give you authentic results immediately?
  • 16:43 Can you think of a time you created a piece of content you were proud of and a piece of content that you weren’t so proud of but you just did because it felt like you had to?
  • 18:32 What are some things you’re most motivated by?
  • 21:20 In the last couple of months what’s changed for you?
  • 23:02 Where do you think your mindset of belittling yourself and your needs came from?
  • 25:45 What happens to your business and your clients and your content when you’re burnt out like that?
  • 26:42 What happened the first time you gave yourself permission to say you deserve more and take a break?
  • 31:04 Want to talk about your scarcity vs. abundance mindset?
  • 34:56 How did the transformation happen for you personally?
  • 36:18 For the people that are just getting started or are unsure of their value, what do you say to that person?
  • 38:40 How has your own transformation helped your clients?
  • 41:12 How many amazing things have you been to accomplish this year and what are some of your biggest goals moving forward?
  • 47:56 What do you envision for your life in the next five years?
  • 49:44 If you were to give people 1-3 things to take away from your overall message what would they be?


“I don’t think pressure is good when it comes to food.”

“I think that we as humans are so drawn to other people who are passionate about something, I mean, it almost doesn’t even matter what it is. If somebody is excited and lit up about something that they’re talking about, we’re drawn to that.”

“Our BS sensibilities are sky high in this day and age. We know when we’re being fed crap.”

“Identifying your motivation is key.”

“I love to make people laugh because I truly believe that laughter is medicine. I know that laughing is so good for the soul.”

“We’re not created to be robots.”

“Obligated to serve people is so different than inspired to serve people.”

“The more that I give to people, the more that will be given back to me.”


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