In this episode of Bucci Radio, we talk with Nick Bare!

Nick is a YouTuber, military veteran, and the proud owner of his supplement company – BPN Supplements.

After starting to vlog while serving in the Army in Korea, he quickly grew a large following in a unique niche, blending the military world and the fitness world for an entertaining and informative channel. Eventually, he also began gaining a lot of attention for his supplement company, Bare Performance Nutrition.


  • How Nick has grown his social media audience
  • What his experience was like vlogging while in the military
  • Nick’s life after the military, and how he started his supplement business
  • Applying lessons from different areas of life
  • Social media’s role in honesty and consumerism
  • Parallels between military and business



3:34 How come you didn’t want to continue on in the military after your 4 years?

4:04 Did you want to join the military before you started a business?

6:36 Did you feel like doing Youtube while on active duty was difficult?

8:05 Do you feel like [vlogging] helped people get a better understanding of what the military is, and clear up a lot of misunderstanding about it?

9:09 Do you feel like there is anything in your experience in the military that you would have done differently after now finishing?

13:11 With Youtube, do you feel like it keeps you accountable [to your goals]?

15:34 How would you describe what your comment section looks like in a day?

19:42 What does your day-to-day look like now that you’re out [of the military]?

22:06 How many people do you have on your team right now?

26:41 Why do you feel like people connect to the military videos so much?

30:41 What do you have coming up in the next year, two years, five years that you’re really excited about?



“I feel like nowadays people feel like they need to have a platform before they start a business, but you didn’t.”

“If you get started, you have to finish it.”

“I do all my [supplement] formulas…I never let manufacturers touch my formulas.”

“The one thing I really realized while in [the military], is the crossover between business and the military is hand-in-hand, like leadership and management skills.”

“I think whatever you’re doing, you can take some survalue from it.”

“I’ve seen a lot of companies grow really fast, and then die really fast.”



Nick Bare’s Youtube channel

Nick’s Instagram (@nickbarefitness)

The BPN Supps website


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