Today on Bucci Radio we sit down with Nimai (meaning “the light from within”) Delgado. Nimai’s parents lived in Argentina, then moved to South Mississippi. Nimai was raised vegetarian from birth and lived in an a unique part of the south where they had a self-sustaining Hindu culture which included a temple and a cow sanctuary (where they had rescue cows from slaughterhouses) in an area surrounded by southern baptists and barbecues.

Nimai ended up making the transition from vegetarian to vegan, and got into bodybuilding, winning several competitions under unheard of circumstances. Let’s hear what he has to say!



  • Nimai’s very interesting childhood
  • Nimai’s career before becoming a full-time fitness coach
  • His accomplishments as a vegan
  • Cultural change and tradition
  • What resources he has available for you
  • Shocking statistics about meat consumption
  • The inspiring reality of inspiring others
  • Three golden takeaways



  • 1:53 Want to talk about your life story and how you grew up?
  • 6:12 Did you have a similar experience with people treating you differently in college as you did growing up in school?
  • 7:06 What did you do in college and how did you end up transitioning over to California?
  • 15:38 Want to talk about cultural change and tradition?
  • 21:40 What are some objections you’ve faced from people when it comes to being a vegan bodybuilder?
  • 32:00 What kinds of resources do you have for people?
  • 35:58 With you being vegan, have people with a traditional diet ever thought you were trying to be better than them?
  • 38:26 Do you have any transformation stories of friends or people who were resistant to change at first but then made the switch to veganism?
  • 42:00 How’d you get your start on social media and what’s it been like for you?
  • 53:17 What are three final takeaways?



“It’s a strange feeling, leaving college, and then like, have eternity.”

“You’re engineering your own body to what you want it to look like. Basically, what it boils down to, is just like any other machine, is it’s only going to run as good as the fuel you put inside of it.”

“Nobody really asks why a tradition comes about. Have you ever really thought about that?”

“It really puts things into perspective to think of just how much one person can make as far as a difference in what their diet does to the environment, to the world, to the amount of suffering that goes on in the world.”

“We progress too quickly, and sometimes we need to take a step back and say is this really the way we’re going to go, or do we need to make a change?”

“If you’re constantly eating this low-frequency food, then, it’s going to take its toll on you.”

“You literally never know who you’re impacting.”

“That one person who might be having a crappy day or crappy week or even crappy life, all it takes is one inspirational quote or one really deep thought to change a person’s life.”

“I don’t feel like success should be measured by wealth and the things you have, I think it should be measured by happiness, and the impact you make, and the relationships you build.”


You can find Nimai on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and his new website that is about to launch (!

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