Flourish & Conquer Accelerator

Show Yourself What You Are Really Made Of

A 90-Day Program to help you make a full-time living doing what you love

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This course is right for you if you’re looking to:

  • Make a full-time living doing what you love online
  • Hone in on your marketing, messaging, and strategies
  • Build and connect with a loyal audience that truly resonates with your message, engages with you, and trusts you
  • Do all of this without depending on advertising, sponsorship deals, or having a big following

What is The Flourish & Conquer Accelerator?

The Accelerator was created for those who are just getting started building their online businesses and want to learn the ins and outs of the beasts that are: social media growth, authentic online marketing, business structuring, and more in order to build a full-time business working from your laptop (and yes, it is possible for ANYONE, including you). You no longer have to be lonely and confused on this journey – we got you.

Trust Me

Trust me – I’ve been in your shoes and had to break through these SAME barriers when I first got started. That’s why I’m passionate about teaching YOU how to do this for yourself, in your own unique way.

Enroll now and get the proven blueprint you need plus accountability from a trusted inner circle of people who are on the same journey with you!

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The 5-Step System

STEP 1: Discover Yourself

STEP 4: Become a Content Queen/King

STEP 2: Discover Others

STEP 3: Craft Your Offer

STEP 5: Master Sales

What Does The Accelerator Include?


Value Message

Hone in on your unique purpose message (because if you’re not clear, no one else is).


Develop Business Plan

Nail down your ideal business plan so you can go full-time and iron out any initial obstacles.


Develop Persona

Transfer your unique self into your your “Unique Online Self” in order to stand out from the crowd.


Community Access

Access to the private IA Facebook group, where you’ll interact with myself and fellow entrepreneurs. This group is the glue that holds us ALL together! The value of a group of friends (who truly become your family) doing exactly what you are is priceless.


Mentor Access

One LIVE community event a year in LA. Access to some of the best specialists I know in coaching, social media, online marketing, writing, video and much more!


Master Marketing

Master your content and create high quality videos, images and written posts for your perfect audience and ideal client (quality MATTERS). Build and grow your email list of raving fans and followers. This is the bread and butter of any online business!


Develop Niche

Increase your income RIGHT away (no B.S.) knowing what products and services to offer, how to price them, and how to make them the most lucrative and fun for you


Group Coaching

Three to four group coaching sessions per week with Amanda and her coaches for trainings, accountability, and working through struggles.



Plus accountability from myself, our coaches, and your fellow entrepreneurs in the program, so that you actually honor the commitments you’ve made to your success (We’ll call you out on your crap when you don’t). With this support system, there is no reason for you NOT to achieve your goals.

Ready Or Not?

If you’re not 100% ready to make a substantial investment to turn your passion into a full-time business with the goal to scale to six figures, then this accelerator program isn’t for you at this time… and that’s okay! Make sure you check out my monthly membership club, the Ignite Your Fire Collective.

Success Stories

Meet Our Team Of Coaches

Amanda Bucci

Amanda Bucci

The Founder, Amanda Bucci, specializes in building an organic online presence that will drive your business for the long term.

Amanda’s superpower is IMPACT – and can make anyone feel 100% empowered to take action, be seen, and show up for themselves.

Amanda has grown massive social media followings across multiple platforms [Instagram, YouTube, Podcast, Facebook, Email list] and specializes in teaching organic online growth and how to convert those followers to clients.

Amanda is like your business big sister. She gets you, loves you so fiercely and will give you the tough love you need to break past what’s holding you back.

Isabella Silverio

Isabella Silverio

FCA Coach

Isabella “Guava” Silverio is better known as the INSTAGRAM GURU.

Isabella has built a multiple six figure online business with over 12k followers on Instagram, teaching women all over the world how to MONETIZE their platform.

Isa’s zone of genius is personal branding and the nitty-gritty strategies and hacks of actually GROWING on Instagram (stories, hashtags, and more).

She’s also highly experieced in building start up businesses, so she gets where you’re at and can guide you toward your goals with both EASE and CLARITY.

Isabella is also absolutely hysterial and is going to make this 90-days of intensity fun as heck for you.


Megan Yelaney

Megan Yelaney

Head Coach

Megan Yelaney has built a 6-figure network marketing business AND a six-figure business as her own entrepreneur in the last 3 years.

Megan’s superpower is showing her life and business coaching clients how to use their uniqueness to their ADVANTAGE and stand out in the market.

Meg also specializes in technology, crafting offers, landing pages, and getting leads from ALL different social media platforms.

Meg will make you feel guided, comfortable, silly, and show you how to make bank in your online business.


Courtney Tucker

Courtney Tucker

FCA Coach

Courtney Tucker went from Elementary School teacher to 6-figure online coach in just a few months by mastering the art of SALES.

Courtney’s superpower is teaching you how to focus on the RIGHT things, and doing them with mastery.

Courtney specilizes in selling high-ticket programs, developing a program that will sell itself, and more.

 Courtney will be straight up with you and keep you accountable AF to your goals.


William Grazione

William Grazione

FCA Specialist

William has been an entrepreneur and top online fitness coach for the last 10 years, specializing in getting his clients real, lasting results in their bodies.

The caretaking he has for each and every client is unmatched in the coaching world – where a client can feel like a number or a dollar sign.

William’s zone of genius is service – and his main goal is to ensure the client is getting the results and support needed to thrive – in both his fitness coaching business and here, coaching entrepreneurs.

His knowledge and expertise in the coaching and service industry is one of the most valubale assets a beginner coach can have access to.