Today’s awesome Bucci Radio guest is Sterling Griffin. He is the founder of the Wealthy Coach Academy, an academy turning online fitness coaches into 6 figure earners. Sterling has gone from being homeless, to making multiple six figures in just one year.  LIKE WHAT? Learn his HOW in today’s episode.

We met last December at Gold’s Gym Venice for the first time, however, we are in the same Mastermind group being led by Lewis Howes. (If you haven’t heard me rave about this yet on the podcast or YouTube where ya been!)

My favorite thing about Sterling is his crazy contagious energy. It makes you just love being around him, and his clients can attest to that as a coach as well!



Sterling didn’t start his career looking to become an online coach. He was actually woking as a door-to-door salesman when he made his own personal fitness transformation. But as more and more people kept asking him for advice on how he achieved what he did, he thought, “hey! you know, maybe I can actually create a business out of this.”

In December of 2015 Sterling signed his first ever fitness client for $1,000, but in February of 2016 is truly when his business changed. He hired a business mentor (by borrowing money from his parents and using his last payment from selling solar panels) and put it all towards investing in himself.

We talk about what makes a person an “authority”, how to price for commitment value, and what REALLY causes people to transform!

We also talk about not being ready to receive money and how BIG that plays a part of your journey through business, struggling with other mental blocks surrounding money (things we NEED to be talking about but no one does), changing our habits for mega-growth, and creating self-love!

Sterling sums his strategy up in a really awesome short phrase, “What we pay for, we pay attention to.” 

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You can find Sterling on Instagram, his website, and find his script here!

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