Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio! Today we have one of my good friends, who has also been featured in fitness magazines such as Men’s Health, Iron Man, and Bodybuilding.com, Vince Del Monte!

We were at the Fitness Business Summit together, and you may also know him from his massive YouTube following – which he’s been doing for a decade, with 300,000 subscribers (and still thriving). It’s quite a task to keep your audience interested for 10 years, so we’re going to talk all about how he does that. Vince primarily teaches men how to maximize their muscle, mindset, money, mission, and marriage. Today we’re focusing on the mindset, money, and mission, and I highly recommend taking notes or listening a few times.



  • Vince’s rises & demises on YouTube
  • Leveraging time
  • Finding your niche
  • Having & telling a unique story
  • Vince’s first mistake when starting his business
  • Vince’s eBooks & programs
  • Key Pivots & partnerships in Vince’s career
  • The “name your price” opportunity
  • Having higher priced & phase programs
  • Serialized, brandable content
  • The origin of the word “authentic”
  • Attracting the right people
  • Having outside eyes for quality control
  • Causing controversy to get views
  • Tailoring videos to one specific person
  • The open-close model
  • A wonderful free content model
  • Training people to buy
  • The four types of buyers
  • Vince’s goals after 10 years in this everchanging industry


  • 6:16 How did you get started, what did your brand look like, and what pivots have you had to make throughout your 10 year YouTube career?
  • 12:42 What were some of the mistakes you made in the beginning or wish that you knew earlier?
  • 14:09 Can you tell us about a few of the pivots you made? Were they out of your control, or was it just time to change it up?
  • 23:24 What are some things that you did focus on, on just your Youtube channel while you were making your price change pivot?
  • 37:13 I love that you talk about reinventing yourself, and your personal brand on YouTube channel is so melded with your professional business that it just made sense to make those pivots, right?
  • 44:11 For someone who has nailed their niche and audience and is ready to launch, what is a formula that works well when you’re first opening up to your audience?
  • 51:35 During that four day period, what do you do, because I know there’s different types of buyers?
  • 1:00:52 What are you doing now in 2018 that’s exciting?


“I learned early on that you have to figure out what you believe, and that’s the definition of marketing.”

“One of my very first mentors taught me the better you become at technical things, the less money you will make.”

“Everybody gets struck by the good idea fairy. Oh that’s a good idea! Oh that’s a good idea! Oh that’s a good idea!”

“There’s a million dollar idea for all your listeners. Don’t position your programs as a one-off, position it as phase-one, phase-two, phase-three because people love curriculums. People love starting and finishing.”

“Video is meant to engage, and create feelings, and create goosebumps, and create emotion, and to create laughter and all these different emotions that only video can achieve.”

“That’s my first challenge to anyone creating content: pretend you’re creating content for HBO, and believe it or not, that’s what YouTube wants now.”

“If you don’t stand out differently, you don’t stand out at all.”

“If you’re authentic, it means you’re writing your stories, it comes from the word author.”

“If you’re going to launch a program, you really need to start thinking like a legitimate authority figure, as a legitimate coach, on how would a real coach take people these people through an incredible transformation.”

“You never get rid of your problems, you just get new problems.”


If you’re interested reach out to Vince and find him on Instagram (@vincedelmonte), his Website, or YouTube!

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