On today’s episode of Bucci Radio, we have nothing shy of an absolute and phenomenal session with my soul brother, Yahya Bakkar.

Yahya is the founder of World-Class Speaker Academy, a 90-day online school that helps coaches, influencers and leaders create their perfect offer, clarify their core message and craft their signature talk to book the right stages, get more clients, and grow their business. Yahya has traveled around the world and has spoken on nationally recognized organizations such as Harvard, TedX and Yale. He’s now on a mission to empower 1000 leaders to become world-class speakers so that they could grow their influence, impact and income. Download the 5-Step Blueprint to Become a World-Class Speaker here: //WorldClassSpeaker.com/Blueprint



  • Yahya’s newborn
  • Taking a stand for who you are
  • Yahya dropping out of college with only one semester left
  • Resources vs. resourcefulness
  • Becoming student of the year and dean of students
  • Serving leaders
  • Believing
  • Speaking your truth
  • Character through content
  • Using your story as a tool and being the author of it
  • Success and stress
  • Making a signature offer and storyproofing your framework (5 P’s)
  • Using knowing where you’re going as guidance for what to say
  • Emotional congruence
  • Adding life through language
  • Types of content creation
  • Two “Ah! Hah Moments” for people who want to share their story
  • Getting into the feelings


  • 6:56 Want to talk a little bit about your story and how you got into speaking?
  • 20:01 What is the importance of sharing your story?
  • 30:55 What comes after step one to owning your story and embracing who you are?
  • 42:27 What do you think are the couple of things that people miss the most when they’re trying to be compelling but aren’t at their full potential?
  • 49:40 What is the best way to write the part of your stories online, and determine which one is the most appropriate to share to have the effect you want when there’s so many options?
  • 52:51 What do you mean by giving a message to one person but talking to 10,000?
  • 55:17 What are your two biggest pieces of advice for people who want to powerfully share their story?
  • 1:00:13 What is included in the World Class Speaker Blueprint and where can people get it?


“Everyone that was there at that school, there was students from 70 different countries, all under one philosophy: The world is my family.”

“It’s almost as if someone turned the volume, external with me, very very low, and the volume in my head, my internal voice, went really really loud.

“I did not take no for an answer. for every no, what that meant for me is I was getting closer to a yes.”

“Nothing connects to the heart of a person like storytelling does.”

“The reason why so many people can’t connect with their audience or they can’t captivate them is because they’re disconnected from their history or identity.”

“The moment you completely own who you are, you become ten times more confident, more charismatic, more courageous, more compassionate, more magnetic and attractive to the people who deserve in your life.”

“As you face adversity, your adversity can become your alchemy.”


“Facts tell details, feelings move people.”


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Follow Yahya on Instagram (@yahyabakkar), and if you’re interested in seeing if you’d be a good fit or want to apply to become a World Class Speaker, go to worldclassspeaker.com/apply! If you’d like the blueprints Yahya uses to cultivate all kinds of magical excellence, check out worldclassspeaker.com/blueprint to download the five step blueprint so you can learn how to create your signature talk, clarify your core message, and use speaking as a tool to grow your influence, impact, and income.

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