Episode 203: Our Experience with Ayahuasca Pt. 1: with John Romaniello | Amanda Bucci

Episode 203: Our Experience with Ayahuasca Pt. 1: with John Romaniello

Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio!

Today we are here to have a conversation about Ayahuasca. Substances are tools. Many people use them for escapism or to self-medicate. But psychedelics and substances like Ayahuasca have all of the properties that allow you to do deep work. For us, therapy is like taking the stairs, and adding psychedelics is like taking the elevator.

As many of you have seen, John and I attended a Ayahuasca retreat at Soltara in Costa Rica back in December. In this two part episode, we are going to go through our journeys and experiences with psychedelics both chemical and plant, why we decided to go on this retreat, why we chose Soltera, and towards the end, we are going to cover our individual and collective experiences and the journey itself.

Disclaimer:  There is a difference between casual and cavalier substance use. Substances can be used safely within guidelines. Cavalier means no regard for safety or consequences. Neither of us are cavalier with anything we do, but most especially with substances that can be dangerous when taken in the wrong context. Summary: even in casual usage, don’t be cavalier.


  • 5:50- John’s experience with drugs and psychedelics
  • 10:00- Amanda’s experience with drugs and psychedelics
  • 29:00- Summarizing our past experiences together
  • 35:00- Ayahuasca, setting context
  • 41:00- Some misconceptions about Ayahuasca and throwing up
  • 46:00- What does Ayahuasca NOT do?

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