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Initiation to Intuition

MDMA, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Journey

Connecting to your Intuition is much different than much of the other feelings and sensations we experience in life. When we’re primarily living in “regular” society, we walk through life mostly through the lens of

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Healing The People Pleasing Wound

People pleasing wound

The Wound Everything Was Just Fine. I lived an extremely privileged life as a kid, with no “Big T” traumas to note. I’m very lucky to have a family who loved me, cared for my

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What to Do When Your Launch Flops

Scenario: You did a launch, told people about your program or offer, and literally got zero, one, two or far less people than you had “anticipated”. Or you launched a group program and got one person

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I’m a creative entrepreneur who loves psychology, energetics, and business, and a good almond milk latte. Oh, and helping conscious leaders like create authentic success.

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