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3 Actionable Ways To Lead With The Feminine In Business

You might have heard that the best way to build a business with REAL results, goes something like this: 

Find an idea that solves a problem. Once you have that idea, build a solid audience around that idea. From there, you can create and implement a detailed strategy, launch a product or range of offerings, move forward and focus on consistent execution. Once you’re successful, you can then look to scale your business and/or find areas that can be further optimized.”

That plan sounds so structured, assured, clear cut and decisive. All bases covered, nothing missing or messy. There’s no ambiguity or going with the flow. 

It seems like the way to get THE best possible results; control and measure everything.

This approach is valid; but not completely sound. There’s simply a missing element; one our society as a whole tends to forget: the person executing the strategy.

An exclusively masculine, structured approach can work quite well for a robot without feelings, a human who overrides their body and intuition for the sake of the outcome, and a leader who values profit over people.

But that’s not you.

Including your humanity, emotions, and intuition into your strategy is something you know will help you feel better about your business operations, but you may not know (or even trust) how to do it.

We think if we let the feminine lead we won’t get the same type of results as sticking to a super structured plan. 

But it’s a huge misunderstanding. 

I spent the last year integrating the feminine into my business; leading with that energy was transformative. Everything shifted; I felt the best I have ever felt in my business. I felt so deeply connected, fulfilled and what I put out in the world was reflective of that. 

And the results? 

I created the same exact profit margins with at least 70% less stress than the year prior. 

The truth is: we get to run our businesses using BOTH energies, rather than needing to pick from one or the other. 


What is the Masculine and Feminine?

The Masculine Energy is: forward, active, direct, protecting, structure, giving, ambitious, logical, intentional, grounded.

The associated archetypes: the teacher, the entrepreneur

Weaknesses: over-working, outcome-driven, disconnect from purpose, can become misaligned quickly

The Feminine Energy is: receptive, nurturing, magnetic, inward, intuitive, emotional, fluid, shape-shifting, surrendered.

The associated archetypes: the creator, the coach

Weaknesses: resistance to having structure, difficulty following through and completing, a lot of ideas and scattered execution

In this article, I’m going to outline 3 ways to lead with the feminine, each with its own tangible actions you can implement in your business right now.


1. The Bend and Snap Model

The Bend and Snap: A secret move that has a 98% success rate of getting a man’s attention. When used appropriately, it has an 83% rate of return on a dinner invitation. The attractor drops something on the floor and, with legs straight, bends down to pick up the object, then snaps up, pushing her chest out . Arm movement, to draw attention to the breasts, is NOT optional; it is, however, a common misconception.” – Urban Dictionary describing a scene from the movie, Legally Blonde.

bend and snap

Elle Woods was an iconic feminine leader of the 90s, strutting into Harvard Law with a slew of pink fluffy furniture and her purse-sized pooch, Bruiser. In this scene, Elle taught dozens of women in a nail salon the Bend and Snap: a tool for attracting men and receiving a dinner invitation.

This is an age-old way of the feminine; utilizing your body language, energy, and magnetism to attract the people you want and have them ask YOU if they can date–or in your case–hire you.

Elle teaches us that we don’t need to conform to stuffy black pantsuits [or basic social media content] to win a case (or a client), and we can use our feminine magnetism to obtain more power and influence in our businesses and brands.

Tangible actions to implement the Bend and Snap Model include:

  • Focus on feeling good, every single day. The more pleasure you can feel, the more radiant you will become.
  • Take regular breaks from work for play, rest, rejuvenation, and social connection. You’ll show up to work refreshed, energized, and more magnetic than you ever will working all hours of the day.
  • Show up as authentically as you possibly can online, whether that’s in a bright pink suit/skirt combination or your messy bun and filter-free face. Your natural essence will draw the exact correct people who resonate with your vibration to you.
  • Elle didn’t have any real evidence for trusting Brooke Wyndom in the case aside from her intuition; nor did she know what she was doing as she was up for questioning her witness. But she fully trusted herself and moved forward with what felt true for her. In business, feel free to take advice from people around you, but never let anyone else’s voice override the one inside of you.

2. Entrepreneurial Archetype Alignment

I created the Entrepreneurial Archetype™  Quiz to help entrepreneurs understand who they are, and use their natural essence as a strategy. The system consists of four different personality types that exist in the Online Entrepreneurial, Coaching, Educational, and Influencer spaces: the Creator, the Coach, the Teacher and the Entrepreneur. Each type has different qualities that help us understand ourselves, our roles, and our most aligned business strategy. 

We all have all the types within us, but we generally have a primary archetype which is our most natural and aligned one. When you’re in alignment with your archetype, everything is easier – content will flow and it feels like you’re doing all the right things. But when you’re out of alignment, you will feel stuck and it just feels like so much work. 

As a Creator, when I’m expressing authentic ideas in my podcast or playing on Canva creating Instagram posts; I’m flowing, feeling energized, and in my zone. I’m led and the creative process moves through me and pulls me forward. But when I’m only doing entrepreneurial activities–like building out the marketing strategy or managing day to day business operations for too– it’s a sure path to exhaustion and burnout. 

To get into alignment with your Archetype, you can take the quiz here to find out what your primary archetype is!

Tangible actions to implement the Entrepreneurial Archetype Alignment strategy include:

    • Audit your current business model, offers, practices, and team to determine where there are mismatches. This includes looking at where time and energy is being spent

From that, possible action steps may include: 

  • Making new hires
  • Coming up with new workflows 
  • Re-organzing your schedule 
  • Creating new products/offering
  • Re-shaping your role/delegating

3. The Bottom Up Approach

Traditional models of decision making ask you to consider behavior and practical considerations first; an emphasis on the mind, the logical, and the rational. It’s top down: head first, then the heart/body follows.

But the Bottom Up Approach takes you into your body and spirit. It’s grounded in your values, your natural energy, a connection to the self, and an honoring of the natural intelligence of the language of the body. It’s about connecting to your body and intuition first, and making strategic decisions from that place. 

Here’s the science: 

We have two different types of neurons: efferent, which bring information from the brain to the body, and afferent–which bring information from the body to the brain.

Afferent neurons make up a whopping 80% of the information we receive; which says a lot about how much we are regularly not spending our time learning about.

The body has its own powerful wisdom, a magnetic truth and language of its own. It senses a situation and knows what it means for you, before you are even consciously aware. There are always signals; it’s just about remaining curious, building awareness and observing the truth inside of you. 

You may notice, for example, your shoulders hunch up when you’re stressed, or maybe a lump forms in your throat when you are uncomfortable with communicating a certain truth. 

When you learn to build a relationship with the signals of your own body, you’ll find that the voice of intuition begins to speak more clearly. It’ll be a calm and clear voice, not frantic or overly emotional. It may sound scary, but that’s because real truth has a simplicity that cuts through the ego and all the drama that comes with it. 

You’ll literally start to hear and feel the answers in your body, an exciting yes or a resounding no. I actually remember the first time learning how to do this, and I was–ironically–in Las Vegas. Laying by the pool with my best friend Ashley, she suggested we take a moment to meditate by the pool and listen to our inner wisdom. I’d never done that before, and when she asked, “what did you hear,” I was like, “uhhh, nothing?

Now, I trust my body and inner wisdom more than anything. It took a while to understand all the different signals it was sending me, but learning it’s language one of the best things I’ve ever done for my personal development.

Even in the midst of chaos, you can start to really make choices that are in line with your values and the direction you want to move forward with in life when you build this body-based connection. You can trust the ebbs and flow in life, riding the waves of uncertainty and loving the whole process.  

Tangible actions to implement the Bottom Up Approach include:

  • Spend time doing things that are body-focused, rather than cognitive/mentally focused. This could include free-flowing movement, meditation, breathwork, coloring, or anything else that removes you from needing to “figure it out.” This will help you learn to be in tune with your body.
  • Have structures and processes in place that help you feel safe in your life and body. Without internal safety, it may feel frightening to leave the mind and enter the body. Finding a trauma-informed professional for support is a wonderful action to take, if need be. 
  • Practice using the bottom up approach in smaller, lower stakes moments like whether a client is the right fit or what you want to say in an instagram post. Making decisions using your own intuition can take time to feel comfortable, but begin by implementing a practice to do it as much as you can.

Bonus: Create An Embodied Flow Strategy for your Yearly Planning

In 2019, I created a year-long budget and it became the ultimate pitfall of my burnout.

My team and I decided on exactly what offers to launch, how many customers per offer allowed us to reach our revenue goal, team member salaries and payout processes, and the projected profit margins. It seemed great in theory: a structured and detailed plan, but in reality, it didn’t allow for any flexibility or dynamic changes when the real world was calling for a different way forward. 

Multiple times that year, I hit what felt like a “block” that was holding me back from executing on that plan. I struggled to motivate to create content for weeks on end; something I normally feel really connected to and excited to do. It was awful. I later learned that was simply an intuitive hit from my body telling me it was time to pivot the pre-created plan.

Everytime I felt a shift happening inside of me, I was forced to push AGAINST that budgeting plan we created that would affect the entire company and team members inside it. It wasn’t until November of that year where I decided to shut down the offer we had been selling for 3 years in a row; our PRIMARY source of income; multiple six figures a year.

I knew that going forward, I needed to only launch and sell offers I felt truly aligned with, even if I “planned” to be aligned with them a year in advance. 

Now; this may not be the most efficient and effective way to do business, and businesses that are scaled shouldn’t fall when the energy of the CEO shifts; but I also don’t believe that everyone should scale their business. That said: I highly encourage all new entrepreneurs to grow with the deepest intention and connection to their intuition, as you don’t want to get trapped into scaling a business you don’t really want.

Until you are crystal clear on your business model, it’s so important to leave room for changes to your plan. Yes, budgets and financial planning is important. Yes, financial stability comes from measuring and managing your budget. No, those things are not more important than being in alignment with what you truly desire and even need to do next.

Tangible actions to implement the Flow Strategy strategy include:

    • Focus on Embodiment; which means connecting to how you want to feel in your body. For me, I know I want to feel energized, electric, and creative–so I now ensure I’m always orienting myself to plans and roles that give me the opportunity to embody that. 
      • Ask yourself, “what feelings or qualities do I want to embody as I run this business?” 
    • Re-orient yourself to alignment whenever making your next business decision.
      • Ask yourself, “if I had a blank slate to start all over, what would I want to do/create next?”
    • Extend your timeline.
      • Ask yourself, “why do I feel such urgency to reach a 10k month, when hitting 6k this month could be perfectly fine for me?
    • Create a loose structure with a timeline that’s realistic from you. There’s nothing more limiting than creating a year-long plan when you can only genuinely feel into a 3 or 6 month plan. Give yourself permission to shift and flow based on how your experience changes at any given moment. 
    • Delegate and put structure in place where you can. Flow is amazing, but if there’s little to no structure, it can be far more chaotic than it is useful. Hire aligned team members and create repeatable systems to make your life easier in the day-to-day operations of your business.

Masculine and Feminine Energy Affect All Areas Of Your Business

Shifting from a more masculine approach into a more feminine one (or even adding it in to create balance) takes time and practice; it is an art, not a science.

But over time, you’ll recognize that leading with the feminine actually makes all of the masculine aspects of business feel easier. There gets to be less force, less effort, and less strain when you’re building a business that’s meant to allow you freedom in the first place. Money, feeling good, and impact can all exist in the same room with Masculine and Feminine balance.


To go deeper into this, I created an entire workshop that helps Entrepreneurs break down the core pillars of their business and create masculine and feminine balance. It’s included in the

Conscious Leadership Experience:  The Workshop Bundle

In this workshop, you will:

  • Understand your history/conditioning with both the Masculine and the Feminine
  • Become aware of your core patterns and how they are affecting your ability to be an effective leader
  • Identify Core Areas of your business you have a shadow expression in
  • Determine exact ways in which you can heal the parts of you that have the shadow

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