Episode 204: Our Experience with Ayahuasca Pt. 2: with John Romaniello | Amanda Bucci

Episode 204: Our Experience with Ayahuasca Pt. 2: with John Romaniello

Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio!

In Part 2 of our Ayahuasca experience, we discuss more in-depth on the process of Soltara and the ceremonies itself, our individual experiences during the ceremonies, and what we took away from this experience afterwards.

Disclaimer:  There is a difference between casual and cavalier substance use. Substances can be used safely within guidelines. Cavalier means no regard for safety or consequences. Neither of us are cavalier with anything we do, but most especially with substances that can be dangerous when taken in the wrong context. Summary: even in casual usage, don’t be cavalier.


  • 10:00- How Soltara assess your Ayahuasca experience
  • 12:00- How Amanda and John reacted to the experience itself on each ceremony night
  • 30:00- Sitting into the discomfort of the experience
  • 38:00- The results after the ceremonies for both Amanda and John


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