Episode 207: Shadow Work and Shamanism with Dr. Brett Jones

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Most people’s minds are chaotic, distracted, and being manipulated by the second. Movement is essential for bringing yourself into your greatest state of presence. How can we connect and awaken our senses and experience the god within us? What would happen if we started each day with movement, breath, and meditation?

Today’s guest is a wonderful friend of mine, Shaman, Healer, and Chiropractor, Dr. Brett Jones @drbrettjones. In today’s episode, we discuss the process of “movement, breath, and meditation”, spiritual experiences from an altered state of consciousness, shadow work, how shamans create an environment to help you experience god, medicine based in spiritualism, and raising the consciousness of humanity through awakening methodologies.


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  • Brett shares his backstory and how he got to where he is today, and a life-changing moment [5:18]
  • Brett feels a call to explore a particular profession and hearing about Chiropractic philosophy for the first time [12:33]
  • How did Brett begin shaman work and what does it mean? [15:50]
  • Tell us about awakening your senses [21:00]
  • Brett discusses tone and feelings and how they show up in the body [24:50]
  • Amanda and Brett discuss the move, breath, meditate process and why it works [30:07]
  • Amanda asks Brett when the switch from chiropractor to Shaman happened [40:29]
  • Brett explains colonialism and paganism [47:07]
  • Shadow and darkness vs. fear of the unknown [51:50]


“The life that I thought had happened to me was actually happening for me. If I had the strength and courage and perseverance to overcome and transform those wounds, that they could become my superpower.”

“Most people’s minds are chaotic, distracted, and being manipulated by the second. Movement is ideal for bringing yourself into the ideal tension state, more simply put, the greatest state of presence.”

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