Episode 208: The Audacity to Be Queen with Gina DeVee

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The western world has become so fixated on masculine energy as the only way, the right way. Men and women have fallen into this category and it’s made us very one dimensional. What can we do as modern-day women to not default to the masculine and live in our feminine energy as a Queen? Queens are insightful, intuitive and they know that there is a power that is in them not of them that they can absolutely harness.

Today’s guest is Gina DeVee- founder of Divine Living, a multi-million dollar lifestyle brand and women’s empowerment company. She is a coach, speaker, and has her Masters in Clinical Psychology. Plus, author of her new book The Audacity of Being Queen. Every woman needs this book.

Today we discuss understanding the concept of “Queenliness” vs other types of feminine energy, how to harness our full feminine expression, how to end people pleasing, owning our power as true Queens, and steps we can take to get out of the “Princess” archetype and into the “Queen” archetype.

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  • Introduction to Gina and the Audacity of Being Queen. Gina tell us who she had to become to write this book [5:30]
  • How can we understand the concept of “Queenliness” vs. other types of feminine energy [10:15]
  • Gina explains how power is yours when you are in the full feminine expression of Queen [15:16]
  • Gina tells us a story about a client who tried to cancel their contract  [19:30]
  • Gina and Amanda discuss how to end people pleasing, codependency, and giving your power away  [24:50]
  • Gina tell us what it means to become “un-triggerable” [30:48]
  • Amanda and Gina discuss how we’ve bought into archetypes of masculine vs. feminine [38:58]
  • How can we communicate like a Queen and what are the ways in which we communicate poorly? [43:38]
  • Amanda mentions a time when she was outsourcing her power [49:50]
  • Activating wealth consciousness [55:00]


“Femininity is about receiving. Masculinity is about giving.” 

“Part of the power of the queen is that she does not diminish herself with busyness. Queens are not busy. They are insightful, intuitive and they know that there is a power that is in them not of them that they can absolutely harness.”

“You’re better than that and you know it. Little miss perfect has got to die. She’s ruining your life and robbing you of your power. We all look pathetic playing the little miss perfect card.”

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